Chorus advanced teleconferencing features

IMPORTANT: This functionality is being phased out, and will no longer be available from 28 June 2022


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A conference can be moderated or unmoderated:

  • moderated conference will not start until the moderator joins and will end thirty seconds after the moderator leaves.

Anyone dialling in before the moderator will hear a holding message and music until the moderator is connected.

Use this option to make sure the conversation only happens when the moderator has joined.

  • An unmoderated conference is the standard conference and will start as soon as the first person dials in with the appropriate PIN and will end when the last person hangs up.

The conference creator is the default moderator.

If the creator is setting up a conference on behalf of someone else, another person can be added as a moderator.

If you are creating a conference on behalf of someone else and do not intend to dial in yourself you may want to add additional moderators.  This will allow the conference to start when the designated moderator dials in.  To do this:

  1. Select Add new participant.
  2. Add the person who will be a moderator.
  3. Hover over the person's name and then click on the moderator check box that appears.
    • If this does not appear, make sure the This conference is moderated check box is ticked.
  4. Select Save.

The person will receive an email to say that they have been invited to a conference.

The conference will also appear in their persistent conference list for their information.

Note: If you add them as 'Call out' participants, then their phone will be called whenever a conference is initiated.

  1. Dial the conference bridge number 01865 289000.
  2. When prompted, enter the PIN followed by #.

A moderated conference will start when the moderator dials in from their Chorus number.

Anyone dialling in before the moderator will hear a holding message and music.

A moderated conference will end thirty seconds after the moderator leaves.  Other attendees will hear a voice prompt to tell them of this.

Whilst on a conference, you can see details of who is on the conference and also communicate with them in different ways.

To view all the participants:

  1. Select Show Details on the left-hand side of the action bar to display all the participants.
  2. Hover over participant picture frames to view whether or not they are currently in the conference.

  3. To communicate separately with a participant, click on their picture frame.

    • If the participant is not present the following options will appear:

      • Chat: Send an Instant Message to the participant
      • Redial: Redial the participant so that they can join the conference
    • If the participant is present the following options will appear:

      • Chat: Send an Instant Message to the participant

      • E-Mail: Create a new email in Outlook to the participant

      • Mute: Mute the participant’s microphone

      • Disconnect: Disconnect the participant from the conference

      • Add as moderator: Give the participant moderator rights

Selecting the  button will display the following communication options:

  • Chat with Group: Create an instant message to all the participants
  • E-Mail: Create a new email in Outlook to all the participants
  • Drop conference: Will end the conference instantly
  • Lock conference: Prevent further participants from joining the conference

To view call history, conferences and voicemail


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