Chorus fax service


This service is ending in June 2023

The University is retiring the fax-to-email and email-to-fax service in June 2023. It is old technology and carries a disproportional maintenance overhead to service.

Any physical Fax machines on Chorus analogue lines will continue to function.


Fax to email

This converts the fax into a PDF and emails it to an email address of your choice. 
To request this, raise a Chorus request for help within Oxford Service Manager, along with the email address and phone number you want to use.  You will need a separate number from the number that you use to take calls. because your own number cannot also be used to receive faxes.

Email to fax

Account setup

A current SSO and Nexus email address is required in order to configure the email to fax service. 

To request this, raise a Chorus request for help within Oxford Service Manager.

Please be aware that in order to send faxes internationally, this needs to be enabled on your account.  Please state that you require international fax rights on the request if this is required.

Sending Email to Fax

Send an email in this format, from your Nexus email account:

  • To: FAXG3/<fax number>
  • Subject: Can be left blank, this is ignored
  • Message body: The text you want to send in the fax.
  • Attachments can be added to the email and these will be faxed. The formats of attachments that will transmit are Word and PDF.

  The fax number must be in the ‘E164’ format, which is the complete phone number.

  • For example, if you are sending to number 10021, in the University, you would need to send to FAXG3/
  • The 44 is the country code, the 1865 is the national code without the leading zero and the 610021 is the full extension number.

Should you wish to fax internationally, follow the same format, so faxing Australia for example would be:

  • FAXG3/
  • 61 being the country code for Australia.

The default top line of the fax will look like this to the person who is receiving your fax.

This shows the default header at the top of the fax:




This is the default setting but it can be tailored on a per user basis.

Where it says 'no reply address' this can be edited to show your return fax number and the University of Oxford text can be changed to whatever text you wish.

To request this, raise a Chorus request for help within Oxford Service Manager specifying that you need a change to your fax header.

You will not get any confirmation if a fax is delivered successfully but if for any reason the fax fails to deliver to the remote fax machine, then you will get a delivery failure email to your mailbox with a reason as to why it did not deliver.

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