Chorus on mobile devices


This application is being phased out and will no longer be available from 5th July 2022

See Chorus - What to do when Unified Communications is retired for more information


Please visit the Chorus upgrade project website for further information.


Note - the version of OSMO in the Google Play store is not completely compatible with the Chorus phone system.  It will allow you to make and receive calls, but further functionality is currently unavailable.

  1. Set a Chorus password and Voicemail PIN at
  2. Download OpenScape mobile from the Google Play store.
  3. On first login, users will be prompted to enter the Username (SSO-sip), Password (defined in step 1), and the following server address:
  4. Tap 'Save'.  Due to the incompatibility between OSMO and the Chorus phone system, users will see a 'login  failure' message.  Disregard this message.  OpenScape Mobile will have now successfully registered,  allowing users to make and receive calls.

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Note - there are two OpenScape Mobile applications in the App Store.  Only use OpenScape mobile.  OpenScape Mobile Pro on iOS is not compatible with the Chorus phone system.

  1.  Set a Chorus password and Voicemail PIN at
  2.  Download OpenScape mobile from the App Store.
  3.  On first login, click on 'Settings' and 'Account'.  Users will be prompted to enter the Username (SSO-sip), Password (defined in step 1), and the following server address:
  4.  Tap 'Save'.

The Connection Status of OpenScape Mobile is indicated by the circle in the top left of the screen.

  • Solid green circle: WIFI mode.  All calls will be made over WIFI.
  • Hollow green circle: Callback mode.  All calls will be initiated by the Chorus phone system.  The call will be presented first to the user's mobile device.  Upon answering, a second call will be placed to the user's desired destination.
  • Solid red circle: the user's registration details are incorrect, or the service is unavailable.
chorus ios answering


This image shows how an incoming call will look.

  • Tap 'Desk' to answer the call on your desk phone
  • Tap 'Cell' to answer the call on your mobile
  • Tap 'Voicemail' to send the call to voicemail
  • Tap 'Decline' to reject the call, and send it to voicemail
  • Tap 'Answer' to take the call 


Making Calls:

  • Enter the number you wish to dial into the keypad, and click on the phone icon.
  • Alternatively, tap on the entry in your call history that you wish to call back, or select an entry from the Contact Search.

A voicemail icon appears if you have waiting messages.  To retrieve messages:

  • Tap the 'expand menu' icon
  • Tap 'call' to reach the voicemail menu.

Further detail on managing voicemail can be found on the dedicated help page.

Create an ad-hoc conference:

  • Tap 'Contacts', then 'OpenScape Contacts'
  • Tap 'Menu'
  • Tap 'Start Contacts Conference', and select participants from the pop up that appears.
  • Tap 'Start' to initiate the conference


For further information please see the dedicated Conferencing help page.

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