Chorus Phoneman updates

MS Teams status

The extra column 'MS Teams' shows the status of a number and a user, e.g. whether they are eligible for Teams. This information will be updated as the project proceeds. This information does not allow any changes by Phoneman administrators, but we expect this to be replaced by relevant administration. 

Hunt group type and order of hunt groups members

When editing a hunt group, the type of hunt group is now shown, which can be edited. It is also possible to move the order of the members around, which is relevant in circular and linear hunt groups.

Voicemail delay

When editing an extension, it is now possible to edit the time (in seconds) before an extension goes to voicemail.

Cost code changes

When viewing all the extensions in your unit, you will be able to see the cost centre allocated to each extension. This information can also be changed when editing the extension, from a list of cost codes already in use.

Information about phones

When editing an extension, below the comment field you will see information about any phones which are registered to the extension. The information is the phone model, the mac and IP address and the location where the phone is registered. The location is taken from the frodo name, so may not be the exact building.

Speed dials

Users of the self-service part of Phoneman can edit the speed-dials on the phones allocated to their extension.

Critical and analogue line information

Information about the wiring details of analogue and critical lines will be recorded in Phoneman by the Chorus team (where this information is available). This will be shown in a separate tab. If you do not see a separate tab for critical and analogue lines, the information has not yet been entered.

To view call history, conferences and voicemail


To view information about your phone, directory status and dialling permissions



To change voicemail settings (needs VPN)


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