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If you are already in a call, click on three lines button next to the end call button:

Chorus image starting webcollab






Choose Start Web Collaboration.

Alternatively, if you are setting up a conference, check the Web Collaboration box. This will start a web collaboration when you start the conference,


When the web collaboration session starts the web collaboration menu will appear on the left-hand side of your screen:

chorus webportal menu

Clicking on each of the menu items will expand the menu and allow you to access that particular functionality.

To end a web collaboration session click the Stop button to the right of the session ID.

NOTE: If you began your web collaboration session from within a call/conference you will need to end your call/conference independently of the web collaboration session.


If necessary, click on the arrow by Participants on the web collaboration menu to open up the menu.

Select the name of the participant whose screen you would like to share from the ‘Share Screen’ drop-down menu.

A pop up menu will suggest particular applications you can choose all.

Clicking the Chat menu item will allow you to send and receive chat messages with the other web collaboration participants.

To turn on your own video, expand the My Video section.

Use the buttons as follows:

Chorus web collab video

Select your Web Cam

chorus webportal videoquality

Adjust the quality of your video feed

chorus web collab videofreeze

Pause your video feed

chorus web collab videoonoff

Turn your video feed on or off

To see the video of other people in the session, expand the Video section. They will need to turn on their video streams in their My Video section first.


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