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How to: OSMO for iPhone

Overview of OSMO for iPhone

The OSMO (Openscape Mobile) on the iPhone allows you to access the chorus features using your iPhone on a wireless connection. You can make and receive calls, access voicemail and change settings such as the preferred device.

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Registering your Chorus account

Before installing the App you will first need to register your Chorus account to create a password. This is not the same as the voicemail password.

Note: if you are a soft phone user, you will have already done this and can use the same log in details in OSMO.

To register your Chorus account:

1. Go to

2. Enter a password, taking care to follow the guidance on passwords displayed on the page.

3. Click Submit.

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Installing the Chorus OSMO Client app

1. Download OpenScape Mobile from the App Store. Please note there is also an app called OpenScape Mobile Pro. Do NOT download this app as it is not compatible.

2. Tap the OpenScape icon.

3. Accept EULA and emergency call disclaimer.

4. Go to the app's 'Settings' (bottom right, cog icon) and from the Settings menu options, click on 'Account'

OSMO settings interface


5. Enter your Chorus credentials:

Credentials in context of OSMO account settings

a. Subscriber: your SSO ID plus '-sip' (e.g. 'ouit1234-sip').

b. Server Address:

c. Password: The Chorus password you set when registering your Chorus account (see Registering your Chorus account).

d. Cellular Number: (optional) This is your mobile number entered in the format +447xxxxxxxxx.  If you do not enter it, you will be able to make calls over wifi, but not using your mobile phone number.

6. Tap Save. OpenScape Mobile is on.

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Screen Overview

overview of OSMO describing all the icons

expand/collapse menu icon

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Mode of operation

Mode of operation is indicated by the status LED in the notification bar:

  Green filled circle Wi-Fi mode. Calls made over Wi-Fi.


 green hollow circle Callback Mode. Server calls back on your mobile phone. Your mobile number is not exposed to the caller.


red circle  Registration has failed or the servers are not reachable.


To switch on Wi-Fi (this will allow you to use the OSMO service):

1. Tap the expand menu icon.

2. Switch the Wi-Fi Mode on.

3. Tap the collapse menu icon to hide screen.

Answering a Call

Answering a call options

Referring to the icons above from left to right:

  • Tap Desk to send the call to your desk phone (if you have one, otherwise it will send the call to your soft phone).
  • Tap Cell to send call to mobile phone.
  • Tap Voicemail to send the call to voicemail.
  • Tap Decline to reject the call – the caller will be redirected to Voice Mail

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Routing Calls between Wi-Fi and Mobile

1. Tap the Settings icon.

2. Switch on Route Calls To Cell to route calls to mobile when not reachable over Wi-Fi.

wifi only toggle button in OSMO settings

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Making a Call

1. Select contact or enter number:

  • Enter the number using the keypad.
  • Tap Recents to select from the recently called list.
  • Tap Contacts to select from the Directory or Contacts list.

OSMO contacts menu

2. Tap the phone number to Call.

3. Select whether to make the call using OSMO or another device.

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During a call

call options during a call

To use a Bluetooth Device, tap the airplay icon Airplay icon.

To transfer or hold a call tap More, then tap Transfer or Hold. (Start Bluetooth allows connection to the headset.)

To move a call from one device to another, tap Move and select Wi-Fi Phone, Cell Phone, Desk Phone, other targets (remembers the last used target) or More (to select from other choices).

selecting a call target

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Retrieving Voice Mail

A Voicemail alert icon displays if you have unheard voicemail messages.

  1. Tap the expand menu icon.
  2. Tap Call to get voicemail.

retrieving voicemail using OSMO

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Managing Online Presence (visibility)

  1. Tap More or the Presence icon appearing as little blue person shortcut.

    OSMO online presence interface

  2. Tap Own Status.
  3. Select the status you want others to see such as ‘Available’, ‘Be Right Back’ or ‘In A Meeting’.

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Selecting Preferred Device

  1. Tap More or the phone icon shortcut.
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Select preferred device

Note: We do not recommend Auto-pilot as the functionality is currently limited. A later release of the software will include improved functionality.

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Initiating an Ad-hoc Conference

An ad-hoc conference is simply a way of dialling and talking with more than one person at the same time. For more information on ad-hoc conferences, see Dialling multiple people / Ad hoc conference.

  1. Tap Contacts then OpenScape Contacts.
  2. Tap Menu.

    Create conference within OSMO options

  3. Tap Start Contact Conference.
  4. Select conference participants from pop-up list.
  5. Tap Start.

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Join/Start a Conference

For more information on conferences, see Overview of teleconferencing

  1. Tap More > Conference.
  2. Select the required entry and choose Start Conference.

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Troubleshooting - settings stuck in callback mode

If the settings are stuck in callback mode, please ensure that any VPN applications are switched off.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 17 March 2020