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Analogue Telephone Extensions

Where you need to continue using an old analogue devices on the Chorus system it will have its calls sent over a link which includes an analogue-to-VoIP conversion. Not all devices will tolerate this process without error, although a great many will continue to work without any issues at all. Devices you may need to consider include but are not limited to:
  • PDQ payment terminals (if this applies to you please refer to the section on telephone payments)
  • Fax machines
  • Franking machines
  • Refrigerators with temperature-alerting autodiallers
  • Dial-up modems
  • Taxi autodiallers
  • Door entryphones
  • Car park barriers controlled via a telephone
  • Intruder alarm systems with autodiallers

To request an analogue line, please use the service request here

Fax to email

In the case of faxes, please consider using the Chorus fax service.  Fax to email converts the fax into a pdf and emails it to an email address of your choice.  Email to fax converts an email and attachments to fax.  Faxes on the Chorus system have no security as they run over the network, unlike fax machines on a BT line.

To request fax to email, email the support desk with the email address and phone number you want to use.  The email to fax service can be used by anyone without requesting it, please see the information page for instructions.

Where problems are identified with a fax device the Chorus team have a number of possible solutions to deal with analogue device issues. These include:
  • Lowering the baud rate / tweaking other speed-related settings
  • Using an alternative technology for that function
  • Switching to SNMP or SMS-based monitoring
Finally, in the worst cases, and as a last resort:
  • Install an analogue direct-exchange BT line yourself to continue using your analogue equipment without using Chorus’ systems.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 17 December 2018