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Auto Attendant

In order for users from outside the university to connect to extensions that are non-DDI, the calls can get transferred via an automated system called an Auto Attendant

There are two main types of extension, DDI and non-DDI

  • DDI is Direct Dial In, where users can connect to the extension by dialling from outside of the university e.g. 01865612345
  • Non-DDI, where users cannot dial in from outside the university. e.g. 400325

In some controlled cases, units may want their non-DDI extensions to be reachable from outside the university

Examples would be an allocated student number or guest room number

In order for non-DDI extensions to be added to the Auto Attendant, please email, including the following information:

  • The extension number/s to be added
  • Whether each added extension is to be ex-directory or not

Using the Auto Attendant

  • Dial the number 01865270707
  • Enter the extension number followed by #, e.g. 400325#
  • If the extension is ex-directory, the system will state 'Transferring you to .. the number '  before transferring
  • If the extension is not ex-directory, the system will state 'Transferring you to ..'  and then state the name associated to the extension before transferring




Written by IT Services. Latest revision 18 December 2018