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Audio Device Configuration

If you are using the desktop client and wish to initiate and receive calls, a headset is required (e.g. a Jabra headset)

To install this:

1. Plug the headset in.  At the bottom of the desktop client a musical symbol will flash, click on this:

2. A pop up will appear, click on OK:

3. The relevant device profile will appear, click OK to finalise the process:



If the  symbol does not appear in step 1,  or you wish to reset your audio device, please do the following:

4. Click on the up arrow in the system tray

5. Right-click on the OpenScape icon and left-click 'Open OpenScape'

6. Select the device and then click the 'Delete' button.  After this repeat steps 1-3 above.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 15 February 2018