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Audio Device Configuration

If you are using the desktop client and wish to initiate and receive calls, it is recommended that a headset is used, e.g. a Jabra headset

Please see supported devices for a list of compatible headsets

To install see configuring audio for headset use

In some cases it is possible to use the microphone and speaker if this is available on your hardware (e.g. an inbuilt laptop microphone)

See configuring audio for microphone/speaker use

Configuring audio for Headset use

1. Plug the headset in.  At the bottom of the desktop client a speaker symbol will flash, click on this:

display of desktop client action icons

2. A pop up will appear, click on 'Yes':

OpenScape new device dialogue box

3. A relevant device profile will appear with the headset settings, click OK to finalise the process:

 OpenScape Audio settings window


Configuring audio for microphone/speaker use

1. Click on the up arrow in the system tray

Windows system tray icons

2. Right-click on the OpenScape icon and left-click 'OpenScape Options'

openscape options menu

3. If you do not have a headset the system should have filled in some settings, so go to step 4.

If they are blank, click Add:

Enter the details as below - please note that the labels will vary dependant on your system hardware - then click OK

4. If the system did fill in some detail or you need change or delete these, click on the entry which activates the Add, Change, and Delete buttons


5. Click 'OK and the audio is set



In most instances if you have a headset the system will detect it on first plug in and the speaker icon will flash:

display of desktop client action icons

If this does not happen, an audio device may appear to be installed but not working as expected . 

You can then select the device, delete it and re-plug the headset back in to see if it auto-detects correctly

In cases of multiple audio devices detected, click on the device to select, then move up and down to change the order of activation

For further help please raise an incident with









Written by IT Services. Latest revision 6 May 2020