I need to purchase new phones - which ones should I consider?
You should purchase phones listed on the Supported Devices page as they are the only ones supported.
Will existing Cisco VoIP phones work on Chorus?
No. Physical desk phones will need to be replaced with new Chorus equipment.
Will existing DECT phones work on Chorus?
DECT phones will need an additional SIP base station to work with Chorus, but it is possible to configure handsets themselves to connect to such a base station, assuming they are using the DECT standard.
How will fax machines work on Chorus?
Please see information here about analogue devices.
What about PDQ terminals and other devices that need to be PCI-DSS compliant?
Please see information here about PDQ machines.
Is is possible to have a phone that automatically dials a specified number, such as a reception phone or assistance line?
Yes, this is called a hotdial number.  If you want the call to go to a number if the caller does not call a number in a specified time, this is a warmdial number.  Please email the helpdesk to request.