I need to purchase new phones - which ones should I consider?
You should purchase phones listed on the Supported Devices page as they are the only ones supported.
How many physical devices can I have on a single extension?
How do I deploy handsets?
Please follow these instructions.
How do I reprogram a device?
Please see the these instructions.
What do error codes on Unify handsets mean?
Please see the error codes page.
How do I fix a handset that is stuck on the boot screen?
Please see these instructions.

Other Devices

How do fax machines work on Chorus?
You can use fax to email or email to fax - further documentation can be found here.  If you require a physical fax machine, order a Mediatrix ATA via the supported devices page.
Can I put PDQ machines on Chorus?
Please see information here about PDQ machines.
Is it possible to have a phone that automatically dials a specified number?
Yes, this is called a hotdial number.  If you want the call to go to a number if the caller does not call a number in a specified time, this is a warmdial number.  Please email the Chorus team to request.
Is it possible to have a Polycom Conference unit on the same extension as another device?
Yes, but it's not advisable. Incoming calls will only ring on the 'other' device, meaning that it becomes not possible to receive calls on the Polycom if it shares a line with another device.


What are the operating system requirements for the Chorus softphone and OSMO offerings?
Please see the system requirements page.
Are there some troubleshooting guides for softphones?
Yes. Please see the softphone troubleshooting page.

Network Configuration

Where can I find out information about networking requirements and switch configuration?
You can find implementation guidance for new buildings here, Frodo and subnet information here, and network configuration information here.  Note - Frodo and network configuration pages are behind SSO and held on sharepoint respectively.  If you have trouble accessing these, please email the Chorus team.

Phoneman and Service Requests

How do I request new extensions?
Please submit a service request.
Where can I find a list of all Chorus Service Requests?
Please consult the Service Catalogue.
Where can I find out more about phoneman
Have a look at our phoneman help pages.