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How to Use it

Account types

All administrators and users should have their own sign in details and should not share these with other people.

Administrator Accounts

  • These are used to set up users, delete users, and reset passwords for users. 
  • They are also able to set up global contacts and global templates which can be used by any user in the department.

Administrator accounts cannot send messages, it is only used for the administration of the service.

Please see further guidelines for administrators

User Accounts

  • These are used to send out messages. 
  • Users cannot reset any sign in credentials, this needs to be done by the administrator.
  • Users can set up / delete personal contacts and use global contacts
  • A user account is not required to receive messages


There are two types of contacts, global and personal

  • Global contacts are set up by department administrators for all of the users in the department.
  • Personal contacts are set up by each user and only accessible to them.   


User account - how to send messgaes via the portal

Browse to and sign in with your user credentials:



Click on the Messages tab:

  • Here you can select templates or create a new message.
  • Select to send to individual contacts under the Quick Contacts Selection or select a Group.
  • Send out CSV or XLSX file attachments.
  • You can also set your message to send out at a specific time in advance or instantly.

      Click 'Send' to send the message.


How to send messages via email

You can send messages via email if the option is enabled.


  • In the To field - put your contacts phone number in (mobilenumber)
  • The message is restricted to the subject line only - anything put in other fields will not be sent.
  • Click 'Send' to send the message






Written by IT Services. Latest revision 7 August 2019