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Our Services

These pages are for use by the telephone administrator or IT officer as they cover the administrative and technical aspects of the Chorus system.

The role of a telephone administrator is to be responsible for managing telephone numbers assigned to or associated with their units. This includes:

  • Ensuring that telephone data regarding staff telephone number allocations is kept up-to-date as people move in and out of the unit.
    • Numbers should be assigned to new starters from within the pool of numbers associated with the unit (as available in Phoneman)
    • As staff leave the unit for another college or department within the University their numbers should follow them into their new role according to the concept of telephone number for their university life. This involves ensuring that the number is transferred and billed to the new unit. An alternative number will be made available to unit as required in accordance with the number of lines paid for by the unit.
    • However, we recognise that there are occasions when either staff do not wish to take their number with them into another unit or the unit wishes to keep that particular number within the unit. Telephone administrators may therefore unassign the user from the number and that number will return to the pool of numbers available to the unit.
  • Ensuring that non-people phone numbers are labelled correctly and assigned a voicemail box (as appropriate) from within Phoneman
  • Dealing with requests from unit staff for group working arrangements such as hunt and pickup groups, which changes can be made in Phoneman.
  • Updating name changes to the Card Office which then trickles down to the Chorus directory.
  • Ensuring that the billing data, i.e. cost centre and contact data is correct for their units.

If you know what you need, please consult this list of service requests before contacting the helpdesk.

If you cannot find the information you need, please check the FAQ for ITSS and Business FAQs.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 30 September 2019