How do I reassign an extension number?
Please follow the instructions here.
I need to change dialling permissions, how do update these ?

Go to the 'Numbers' workspace then:

  • Choose the relevant dialling right
  • Click on the update button on the bottom left of the screen
My number/s are missing from Phoneman, how do I locate them ?

Search for the numbers within Phoneman, this should show you who the numbers are currently billed to.

Look up the telephone co-ordinator here:

Email them and ask them if they are willing to release the number

If they are willing, enclose this in the service request here.

The numbers in Phoneman do not belong to me, and I wish to cease paying for them, how do I request this?

Please fill in the service request here.

I no longer require a/some of number/s that appear in Phoneman, and would like to cancel it/them, how do I do this?
Please fill in the service request here.  Please note, if you require them again, you will be charged a setup fee.
I require more numbers added to Phoneman, how can get these added?
Please check that you do not have any spare numbers.  If not, please fill in the service request here.
What is the difference between ‘person’ and ‘non-person’ lines?

Person lines are paired with SSOs (Oxford Single Sign-On); they come with voicemail as standard and allow the user to access the additional functionality offered the Chorus Web Portal (more details at:


Non-person lines, are standard phone lines. They are attached directly to desk phones. By default they do not come with voicemail, however this is available to be added in Phoneman.

The person I want to assign is already assigned to a number in another department/college. How can I change this?
Please check with the person which number they wish to use as the number connected to their SSO.  If it is your number, contact the telephone administrator for that unit and ask them to unassign that user. Alternatively, you may provide that person with a ‘non-person’ phone and label it according eg: ‘John Smith’.
I am currently recruiting; I know I will eventually have a staff member in place but I do not yet know who that will be. How should I assign this phone number?
Assign the phone number as a ‘non-person’ extension and give it an appropriate label. Then, when you have a staff member in place, edit the number in Phoneman.
I require voicemail for a ‘non-person’ number, how do I request this?
Follow the instructions here.
How should I validate my FAX, Multi-function Photocopier, or Critical/Emergency Line in Phoneman?
As a ‘non-person’ line.
What if I don’t identify all my Critical/Emergency lines for implementation?
The ICP technical team will take steps to ensure that all Critical/Emergency lines are migrated as necessary.
How should I validate my PDQ/Card Payment Machine in Phoneman?
Telephony PDQ/Card Payment Machines will not be compatible with the Chorus system. Please request that your service provider (eg: Lloyds, Barclays etc) provide you with a new, IP PDQ/Card Payment Machine. IP Machines work directly over a data connection and therefore do not require a phone number or line rental.