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Preferred Devices

Overview of preferred devices and One Number Service (ONS)

In Chorus, a telephone number is associated with a user rather than a device.

Your phone number is attached to your account. The devices that are able to receive and make calls through this number are managed by you, through your Chorus account. These are known as preferred devices.

An incoming call placed to your phone number will ring on the preferred device that you have set. The caller will not know which device is being used to take the call.

You can also use a preferred device to place an outgoing call via the web portal. The advantage of doing this is that calls placed will appear in your call history as outgoing calls, and will display to the other person as coming from your Chorus number. This is useful if, for example, you are working in a different location for the day and want to use a local desk phone to make calls but for recipients of your calls to see the displayed number as your Chorus number.

Note: this is different to using the OpenScape Mobile app to make and place calls from your mobile phone. Any mobile phone device can be set as a preferred device to receive calls, and to make calls via the web browser without the need for a smart phone app.

One Number Service for dual role users

Where someone has two numbers associated with different units (e.g. an academic associated with both a college and a department), they will be given a single ONS number and both desk phones will be associated with that number.  Note that when an ONS number is associated with two desk phones, they will both ring when that number is called.

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Devices available by default

When you first log into the web portal, you will see several devices set up by default.

To view these, click on the Device Icon in the Action Bar and select the ‘Device settings’ option from the drop-down menu

Preferred devices list

Work phone is your desk phone if you have one.  If you do not have one, trying to dial using this device will result in a 'Universal Failure' error.

Both the Mobile phone entries will only be available if you have set up your OpenScape Mobile app.  Mobile phone (cellular) will dial your mobile number, while Mobile phone will dial the client on your phone using wifi.

The device which is shown as your extension number with an additional one at the end is your softphone, also called your +1.  Only use this device if you have a softphone installed.

Adding a New Device

1. Click on the Device Icon in the Action Bar and select the ‘Device settings’ option from the drop-down menu in the web portal.

 device settings

2. Click +Add New Device.

 adding a new device

3. Complete the Device details and select your ring and redirection preferences (note: all redirections are to voicemail).
Note: You need to include the country code of the phone you are using and remove the first zero of the area code. 01865 123456 becomes +441865123456.

4. Click Add device button.
TIP: Don’t click Save yet.

Add device button

5. Your new device will appear in the list of devices. Click Save to store your new device.

Save button

Your device is now ready to use.

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Setting a Preferred Device

1. Click on the Device Icon in the Action Bar and select the device you would like to set as your preferred from the devices drop-down menu.

Selecting the new preferred device

2. This device will now be set as your preferred device.

Succesful selection of new preferred device

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Setting a different Preferred Device for Incoming/Outgoing Calls

It is possible to select a different device for outgoing calls.

As an example of where this might be used: Wanting all incoming calls to go directly to voicemail, and also wanting to make outgoing calls on a preferred device.

1. Click on the Device Icon in the Action Bar

2. Select the device you would like to set as your preferred device for Outgoing calls.

 outgoing calls

3. The Device Icon will then turn red to warn you that you have a different device selected for outgoing calls.

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Editing a Device

Note: You cannot edit the telephone number of a device. If you need to amend the telephone number, delete the device and set it up again as a new device.

  1. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the device that you want to edit is not currently selected as your Preferred Device. Select another device as the preferred device if necessary. You cannot edit a device when it is set at the current preferred device.
  2. Click on the Device Icon in the Action Bar.
  3. Select Device settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the pencil to the right of the device you want to edit.
    Editing an existing preferred device
  5. IMPORTANT: After making changes, click Save Changes at the top of the window.
    save button
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the window.

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Delete a Device

  1. Hover over the device’s entry in the device list until an ‘x’ appears to the left of its name.
  2. Click on the x to delete the device
  3. Click Save to commit the changes.

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Set up Voicemail as a Preferred Device (Sending Calls to Voicemail)

If you set voicemail as your preferred device, all calls go immediately to voicemail.

  1. Follow the instructions for adding a new device (see Adding a New Device )
  2. Enter the following as the telephone number 536300102.
  3. For all calls to go directly to voicemail, select set voicemail as the preferred device.
  4. To stop all calls going to voicemail, select a different device as the preferred device.
  5. To forward calls to voicemail, select the 'Forwarding' tab within Settings and select 'Enable call forwarding'.  Click on the voicemail icon for each option you wish to choose.

Note: If you want to make outgoing calls using a preferred device whilst having all incoming calls go directly to voicemail, you will need to select a different device as the preferred device for outgoing calls.

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Making a phone call with the web browser and a preferred device

Phone calls made from any preferred device are placed using the web portal.

When you place a call using the web portal, Chorus will first ring your preferred device. When you answer that call, it will place the outbound call.

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Switching devices during a call

You can switch devices during a call. For example, if you are talking to someone on your deskphone and need to move away from the desk, you can switch the active call to your mobile phone if this has previously been set up as a device.

1. During an active call, click on the Telephony options button to the right of the screen:

switching calls between preferred devices

2. From the resulting menu, choose the device that you wish to transfer to:

selecting a preferred device to switch the call to

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Auto-pilot will call your softphone, OSMO (iOS or Android) on wifi and your deskphone only.  You will only see Auto-pilot in your list of preferred devices if you have set up an OSMO (iOS or Android) client.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 7 January 2020