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Call logging

Every answered call through the system is logged to create itemised billing that accompanies the telephone bills.  It is possible to get a login to the reporting server to be able to run ad-hoc reports.  These can provide a variety of historical reports on things like call answering times, call origins, how many calls an individual or team is taking and when, and cost breakdowns.  Submit a service request to get this set up.  If you are from an external body or do not have an SSO, please email for advice.

Instructions on using the reporting server can be found here.

Contact centre reporting

Calls passed through the contact centre have statistics collected against them which can be used to run real-time and historical reports.  This is particularly useful for teams which need to see what’s happening to a call before it’s answered.  You can report on call waiting times, call abandon rates, and at which point in a call the caller is hanging up.  For example, if you play an informational message before connecting the call to an agent, you can report on how useful that message is by seeing how many callers disconnect after hearing the message and before being connected.  Contact centre reporting also allows for detailed analysis of agent behaviour, and allows calls to be categorised by agents for reporting purposes.

To be able to get these reports all your calls will need to run through the contact centre, which will require some changes to your call setup if you don't already use it.  Please see for more information about the contact centre and to raise a service request.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 26 June 2018