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For the finacial year 2019/20, we are changing meathod for the SMS Service, it will now be a one-off charge for the year, based on your last year's usage or estimated cost for newer accounts. the standard charge to use the account will be £10, Text messages still have the same vaule and will be caculated at the same rate.

Messages will still amount to the same costs as follows;

Texts are charged on an ‘As used basis’, 3.5p per text, charged to your telephone account. A single text sent to multiple recipients is charged by the number of recipients, e.g. 4 texts sent to 10 recipients is 40 texts.

They can be charged by cost centre andby trail code and require authorisation from the Finance team or department lead.

There is a fair use policy on this service, and we may claim back extra charges at the end of the fincial year. 


Raise a service request for an account if you wish to proceed.




Written by IT Services. Latest revision 31 July 2019