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Linux – Using Your Softphone

After installing ,search for the Jitsi application and double-click on the icon to start:

ubuntu jitsi icon

A prompt box will display, enter your log on credentials and click 'OK':

ubuntu jitsi authentication window

Identifier: <your Oxford SSO>-sip, i.e. ouit1234-sip

Password: your Chorus password set at time of installation

This will open the Jitsi dialler (below), which is required to be running in order for call connectivity.  If this is not running, a 'Universal Failure' error will be presented when an attempted call is made.

ubuntu jitsi dialler

3. Open up the web client ( and set the preferred device to 'Soft Client'.

web client preferred device selection

Making calls

Calls can be started from the web client.

1. Enter the extension number and then click on the phone icon next to it.

(Calls can also be started direct from the call history or by searching for the contact, and then clicking on the associated phone icon).

ubuntu jitsi initiate call from web client

2. A prompt box will appear, click on the green phone icon to start the call or the red phone to stop the call from starting:

ubuntu jitsi call initiated

 3. When the call is connected a controller box appears, this can be used for call handling. e.g. to end calls.

 ubuntu jitsi call control window


Ending calls

Calls can be ended by the web client or controller.

Ending calls from the web client

Click on the red phone icon to hang up:

Ending calls from the web client

Ending calls from the controller

Click on the red phone icon to hang up:

ubuntu jitsi end call from call control window

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 24 September 2019