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Video Conferencing


Overview of video conferencing

Video conferencing is only available between Chorus softphone users. It is not possible to set up a video conference with non Chorus users, e.g. Microsoft Teams.

Web collaboration sessions can be run with any participant, whether they are on Chorus or not, which gives a video capability.  Please see the web collaboration instructions for more information.

You will need to have a functioning webcam for your computer in order to use the video conferencing functionality. Many laptops have an integral webcam; deskphone users can purchase a separate webcam.

Setting up a video conference

To set up a video conference, both parties need to have video calling switched on prior to making a call.

Video conferencing control panel

1. Video call on icon Switch video call on.

2. Camera preview on icon Switch video camera preview on.

3. A preview window should appear (it may appear behind the Chorus desktop client).

4. Place the call. If the other parties have also followed the steps above, the video conference will connect automatically.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 4 October 2019