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How to: Web Portal

web portal

Overview of web portal

Your Chorus telephone will allow you to:

  • Make and receive calls.
  • Access voicemails using the telephone.

In addition to these, Chorus offers a range of functions that are accessed via the web portal. These include:

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Opening the Chorus web portal

1. Go to
    TIP: You may find it useful to bookmark this page.

2. Sign in using your University Single Sign On (SSO) credentials.

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Navigating the chorus web portal

  1. Call history tab (see Call history guidance page).
  2. Voicemail tab (see Voicemail via web portal guidance page).
  3. Conferencing tab (see Teleconferencing guidance page).
  4. Tab area – displays the contents of the selected tab.
  5. Action bar.
  6. Contacts pane / directory (see Contacts and directory guidance page).
  7. This button minimises / maximises the contacts pane.
  8. Search box.

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Using the web portal communication options

One of the key features of the Chorus web portal is that it allows you quick access to a set of communication options for a displayed telephone number or contact.

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Accessing communication options

1. Hover the mouse over one of the following:

  • An entry in call history.
  • An entry in the voicemail list.
  • The result of a directory search.
  • An entry in the contact list.

This will bring up a set of buttons as shown below:

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Placing a call

  1. Access the communication options (see Accessing Communication Options)
  2. Click on the telephone button   to place a call to the relevant phone number or contact.  The call will be placed using your preferred device.


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Other communication options

1. Access the communication options (see Accessing Communication Options)

2. Click on the Communication Options button to display a list of available communication options. This will vary slightly depending on which view you are in; a typical set of options is shown below.

Call Work Phone – will place a call to the relevant phone number or contact.

Email Work – opens an Outlook email window with the email address prepopulated (this option is only available where the entry is a Chorus user or the email address has been manually entered into the contacts list with a telephone number).

Chat – initiates a chat session with that number (Chorus users only).

Start Web Collaboration – see separate page on web collaboration.

Notify when available - this allows you to receive an alert when a user is next available.

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Using the action bar

The action bar is used to perform actions, such as calling, sending an instant message, or sending an email, to more than one person at the same time.

To add people to the action bar:

  1. Locate the required person in the contact list or directory search.
  2. Hover over the name until the communication option buttons appear on the right hand side:

  3. Click on the   button.
  4. Their name will be added to the action bar at the top of the Chorus window:

  5. To call everyone in the action bar at once, click the  button.
  6. To access further communication options, click the  button.
    • Create a conference: Creates a Persistent Conference for your Action Group. See link to conference page
    • Chat with Group: Creates an Instant Message to your Action Group. See link to instant messaging page
    • E-Mail Group: Creates a New Email in Outlook to your Action Group.
    • Add to Group: Adds the members of your Action Group to one of your existing Groups. See contacts and directory page
    • + New Group: Creates a new Group for the members of your Action Group. See contacts and directory page.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 18 July 2019