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Sources Consulted and Further Reading

  1. Opinion 05/2012 on Cloud Computing” (Article 29 Data Protection Working Party, 2012).
  2. Edgar A. Whitley (et al.). “Privacy and Security in the Cloud: A Review of Guidance and Responses”. Journal of International Technology and Information Management 22:3 (2013).
  3. Hon, W. Kuan (et al.) “Negotiating Cloud Contracts - Looking at Clouds from Both Sides Now” Stanford Technology Law Review 16:1 (2012).
  4. Information Commissioner's Office. “Guidance on the use of cloud computing” (2012).
  5. Mistry, Paavan. “Using AWS in the context of CESG UK’s Cloud Security Principles”. Amazon Web Services (2015).
  6. QMUL Cloud Legal Project (2009- ).


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