Remote Desktop Service FAQs

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Is the remote desktop service secure?

Yes, it offers the same type and level of security as working on a managed staff desktop. All network communications are encrypted, and the University VPN is required for connections from non-University networks as an extra layer of protection.

If you are connecting from a personal / home computer, it is your responsibility to ensure the it is fully updated and has appropriate security measures in place, including anti-virus software. Please see the Information Security website for more information.

Is my work backed up?

As with managed staff desktops, anything saved in My Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Favorites and Downloads or the G:, H:, I:, O:, P: and Q: drives is backed up daily.

Why was I asked to log off the service in the early hours of the morning?

Routine maintenance is carried out on the servers at 4am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You may get prompted to disconnect from your session if the pool server it is running on needs to be taken offline. You will be given 10 minutes to save your work, and will be able to log back in immediately. You will be connected to a different server in the pool if this happens.

There is a warning that the server needs to be rebooted - what should I do?

Nothing. We will take care of all updates and reboots in good time. Unfortunately we are not able to prevent this message from being displayed to all users.

Why was I disconnected from the remote desktop service?

Disconnection will take place automatically if no activity is detected for 1 hour. Simply login in again within 6 hours to restore your existing session. After 6 hours your session will terminated and unsaved work will be lost.

Why is the Start menu different from on my managed staff desktop?

The remote desktop service uses a different system to your office PC or laptop. You may notice subtle differences in the appearance of the start menu and other items, but they will function in much the same way.

What software is available via the CONNECT remote desktop service?

The specific set of applications that are available to you will depend on your job role and the access that has been granted. However, all users will be able to use the Microsoft Office 2016 suite along with a selection of web browsers and other common applications.

Please see How to open applications on the CONNECT remote desktop for further details. <Link needs adding when page created>

Can I ask for an application to be added to the CONNECT remote desktop service?

Yes - although each request will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We cannot guarantee that the application you ask for will be approved.

Please use the self-service catalogue to submit your request.

Why can’t I run programs from my H drive?

CONNECT remote desktop will only run pre-approved applications. This is to ensure the stability and security of the service.

Why do some of my application shortcuts on the desktop not work?

They link to applications installed on your CONNECT desktop, but they are not installed on the remote desktop server. If you remove these shortcuts, they will also be removed from your CONNECT PC.

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