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Oxford Applications Installer

1. What is the 'Oxford Applications Installer'?

The Endpoint Device Management team in IT Services has developed the Oxford Applications Installer menu to allow people with a Windows computer managed by IT Services to install certain applications at their convenience, without needing to request them from their IT Support or having to arrange a specific time to install them.

2. How to use it

Under the Start menu windows icon on your managed Windows 10 computer, under 'O', you’ll find an icon as shown here:

start menu

There is also an icon in the computer system tray as shown here:

computer system tray

Clicking either of the icons above will open the Oxford Applications Installer menu. This menu will contain installers for any programs that have been made available for self-installation on your computer - see the example below (some different default programs are available in some areas):

Oxford Applications Installer menu

To install an application simply click on its icon or name and follow the prompts that appear. Once the installation is complete any icons to run the program will appear on the Start Menu sorted in alphabetical order in the normal way.

Some programs are available to all members of the department to install. Some software will only be added to the menu on request: typically this will be because a licence must be purchased for it before it can be made available.

To find out what packages are available on computers that are using CONNECT, check the list of Applications on CONNECT PCs.

light bulb icon TIP: Laptop users can install applications from this menu while disconnected from the network.

For further assistance, or if you have any queries regarding the Oxford Applications Installer, please contact the IT Services helpdesk at


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 7 January 2020