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Windows 10 FAQ

All CONNECT PCs and desktops are planned to be upgraded to Windows 10 in 2019. The CONNECT help pages will be updated shortly, but in the meantime please see frequently asked questions regarding Windows 10 below.

Windows 7 FAQs can be found here or by scrolling further down the page.


Why do we have to upgrade?

Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends on the 14th of January 2020. After this date, security updates will no longer be available. Also, new desktop hardware and software applications are being released that are not be compatible with Windows 7.

Who does this upgrade apply to?

This Windows 10 upgrade is for all CONNECT managed PCs/laptops within UAS/GLAM.

When will my PC/laptop be upgraded?

The Windows 10 roll-out schedule is currently being confirmed. We will be managing the upgrade via standard end-of-life equipment replacements. Where equipment is not due to be replaced during 2019 we will be re-imaging machines to upgrade them.

How do I know if my PC/laptop is due to be replaced during 2019?

Pending available capital funds we replace all primary workstations which are over 5 years old in an annual refresh cycle. Additional secondary workstations and those that are used by staff in additional to their primary workstations are not covered by this. All new equipment, either as part of this or as additional equipment bought by your department, will be delivered with Windows 10 starting in 2019. Individual emails will be sent to people whose workstations are due to be replaced once funding has been approved and the schedules planned.

What does Windows 10 bring?

New features include:

  • Greater Start menu customisation
  • Refreshed icons and graphics
  • Integration with Microsoft's digital assistant – Cortana
  • Task View for managing applications using multiple desktops
  • Microsoft Edge - the next generation web browser
  • Annotation, PDF support, superior reading experience

Does anything else change?

There are several associated changes:

  • You will get Office 2016 which has improved integration with Nexus365
  • Laptop encryption will be a simpler and seamless user experience
  • New anti-virus software (Sophos Central), providing increased protection

I’m a Mac user, how am I impacted?

Apple Mac equipment is out of scope for this upgrade. This project will only affect Windows CONNECT managed PCs/laptops.

I manage my own desktop, how am I impacted?

Supporting guidance will be made available.

How do I set up Outlook?

Upon first start, Outlook will guide you through the setup process. Assistance on logging in with the correct login details can be found on the Nexus 365 Help Pages. Depending on the setup of your Nexus account, you may also see a SSO login webpage. Login to this as you would any other SSO request. You may have to enter your username/password details up to 3 times, but once you get to the familiar Outlook inbox screen, all your previous settings should be synchronised.

How do I add and manage printers?

Click Start and navigate to Settings (under ‘S’). Choose ‘Devices’ then ‘Printers & scanners’. Click on ‘Add a printer or scanner’ and after a few seconds, click on ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’. From here, you can continue from Step 5 of the Printing Help | IT Services web page.

How does the disk encryption work on my laptop?

Rather than the user having to remember a long and cumbersome pass-phrase, the ‘keys’ to the drive’s encryption are now stored securely within the laptop’s TPM chip. This is now seamless and invisible to the user, however, if there are any hardware changes, or the drive is removed to be placed in another machine – it will not be accessible until the drive is unlocked with a Recovery Key. This can be obtained by contacting IT Support. Additional users are able to use a laptop without prior appointments with IT to set them up – their first login will require the laptop to be plugged into the University network, however. They will not be able to access your data, only their own.

How do I connect to my Nexus365 OneDrive?

Open the OneDrive application from the Start Menu. Enter your full university email address and login with your SSO credentials. After a brief pause, the program should add “OneDrive - Nexus 365” to your File Explorer. You may access your files this way, or by any Office application.

Is Internet Explorer still available?

Yes, if you have legacy web applications which require Internet Explorer, this can be found in the Start menu. However, for usual browsing, we recommend using the new Microsoft Edge browser or installing Chrome or Firefox from the Oxford Application Installer.

Will my desktop look the same as on Windows 7?

All your desktop shortcuts and files will be the same as from Windows 7, however you may have to re-create the Pinned applications in your taskbar. Although the design of Windows 10 is more modern that Windows 7, underneath they are still similar in operation.

Will I have access to the Windows store?

Yes, but please note that we strongly recommend not to purchase software through the Windows Store. Any purchasing requests should be handle through IT Services Purchasing in the normal way.

Any use of the Windows Store or apps from it are not supported through the Managed Desktop Service.

What version of Microsoft Office will be available?

Windows 10 CONNECT workstations will run Office 2016 (32-bit, for compatibility with third party plugins).

What settings will follow me between machines?

Your Desktop files, My Documents, Internet Explorer/Edge favourites will follow you from any Windows 7 & 10 machine. Firefox, Chrome and Office Application will only follow you between other Windows 10 machines. Windows 7 machines will remain working in the same way with settings following you between other Windows 7 machines. IT Support can help with the transfer for Chrome and Firefox settings from a Windows 7 profile to a Windows 10 profile, if required.

Will all managed machines be upgraded to Windows 10?

If the machine falls within the next batch of units to be replaced, it will not be upgraded until it is replaced with a new machine running Windows 10. Else, all Desktops & newer laptops will be upgraded to Windows 10. Some older laptops may reach end of life and cannot be migrated to Windows 7. Where this is the case we will contact people to advisee advised to be replaced rather than upgraded to Windows 10.

What applications will be available by default?

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Outlook 2016, plus the new browser Microsoft Edge, are installed by default. Additional programs are available via the Oxford Application Installer, as before.

What applications can I install?

The Oxford Applications menu allows the installation of the following programs, without the need for administrator credentials:

  • 7-Zip
  • Adobe Creative Cloud App Manager
  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Audacity
  • EndNote
  • FileZilla
  • Firefox
  • GIMP
  • Google Chrome
  • ITunes
  • KeePass
  • Microsoft Skype for Business Basic 2016
  • Notepad++
  • Power PDF Advanced
  • PuTTY
  • Tableau Reader

Requests for additional applications will need to be made via the self-service catalogue, under ‘Desktops and Devices’.


Password Policy 

CONNECT uses a password policy matching the requirements of Single-Sign-On:

  • Lockout duration = 30 minutes
  • Lockout Observation window = 30 minutes
  • Lockout threshold = 3
  • Maximum password age = 365 days
  • Min password length = 8
  • Complexity = Three categories from four (Upper case, lower case, digit, symbol)
  • Password history = 24

An enhanced password policy is available enforcing a higher password standard where units require:

  • Lockout duration = 1 hour
  • Lockout Observation window = 1 hour
  • Lockout threshold = 2
  • Maximum password age = 90 days
  • Min password length = 10
  • Complexity = Three categories from four (Upper case, lower case, digit, symbol)
  • Password history = 24

If you require this please contact the Service Desk.


Getting Ready

Do I need to do anything before the upgrade?

Whether your machine is being replace or reimaged, you will be told in advance on what preparation is required to ensure that all the required software on your PC is still available after the upgrade.

What happens if I move units/departments, during the migration?

If you are moving to another post within the CONNECT domain your equipment still needs to be upgraded, although the timing of your upgrade may be changed to align with your new unit. If you are moving to a post outside of the CONNECT domain then your equipment will be provided by your new unit and will be outside the scope of this project.


Where can I get help?

When you have been upgraded you will be left with a set of Quick Reference Cards. You can also call the Service Desk on (01865 6) 12345.

Will this change Nexus365 functionality?

Nexus365 is available via Office applications as well as cloud-based web services. Office 2016 will be available on all Windows 10 CONNECT machines providing better integration with the service. The Microsoft OneDrive client will also be available on all Windows 10 workstations providing an improved experience over the web access.

What versions of Skype will be available?

Windows 10 comes natively with Skype which can be used for consumer and personal accounts only. Skype for Business, required for Nexus365 is available to all staff via the Oxford Applications Installer menu. Any use of the consumer version of Skype is not supported through the Managed Desktop Service.

Where has access to Internet Explorer gone?

Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows 10. This brings with it a new, simplified, design and features such as reading mode. Internet Explorer is still available via the Start Menu and is required for services such as Oracle Financials.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 22 October 2019