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Nexus365 on CONNECT


This guidance is for staff using the CONNECT Managed Desktop Service.

For general help with Nexus365 please visit main Nexus365 pages.



OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is currently installed on all managed machines. This is not compatible with the Nexus365 service. This client is used to sync Nexus SharePoint sites, OneDrive personal and OnTheHub accounts and can continue to be used for this after you have been migrated to Nexus365

For guidance on the different versions available and their usage please refer to the Nexus365 OneDrive page:

Accessing Nexus365 OneDrive from CONNECT

Nexus 365 includes substantial online storage called OneDrive. If your department has agreed that you can use OneDrive for University work then you can access it from CONNECT managed desktops and laptops in a variety of ways.

Access via Web Browser

The simplest way to access your files is via a web browser. Visit, login with your Oxford SSO credentials, and select the “OneDrive” icon.

Through your web browser you can view, edit, print, download and share your files. You can also easily access files that other people have shared with you. You need to be online to use this method.

The web-based editor (“Office Online”) does not provide all of the features available in Microsoft Office. If you need to use these features then look for an option to edit the document using full Office, e.g. “EDIT IN WORD”.

Access via Microsoft Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams then you can select the Files icon in the left-hand activity bar.

Through Microsoft Teams you can view, edit, print, download and share your files. The features available in Teams are slightly reduced compared to using a web browser. You need to be online to use this method.

Access via Windows Explorer

If you use OneDrive regularly and prefer to edit documents using the full Microsoft Office programs then you can add OneDrive to Windows Explorer. Follow the instructions above for Access via Web Browser, making sure that you use Internet Explorer. Once you see your OneDrive files, click the icon in the top-right and select “View in Explorer”. When this opens, right-click on “Favourites” in the top-left and select “Add current location to favourites”.

This method allows you to view, edit, print and share your files. You need to be online to use this method.

Access via OneDrive Sync Client

Laptop users can keep a copy of their Nexus365 OneDrive files synchronised on their laptop, to enable offline editing. To use this, install OneDrive from the Oxford Application Installer and follow the configuration guide below.

The OneDrive sync client will be included in the new Windows 10 CONNECT desktop, but will not be available on desktops running Windows 7.

Please note that Microsoft have three separate online storage services called “OneDrive”. The program described here only works with Nexus365 and has a white cloud icon in the system tray. CONNECT PCs also offer OneDrive for Business which has a blue cloud icon in the system tray and can be used to synchronise Personal OneDrive accounts and OneDrive in SharePoint.

Guidance on using OneDrive is available from Microsoft:

For help with the Oxford Application Installer:



After your account has been migrated you will be prompted to amend your client settings the next time you open Outlook. When prompted, enter the following:

  • Username: SSO@OX.AC.UK

  • Password: your existing SSO and Nexus password

If you get a message prompting 'An administrator has made changes to your account' please close and re-open Outlook to allow it to update its configuration. Outlook may take a bit of time to re-establish your mailbox the first time it is run after you have been migrated. Permissions on mailboxes (both yours and other accounts) will not have been altered during the migration. However, you may have to re-add additional mailboxes in the normal way.

To setup Outlook for the first time (rather than being migrated) guidance is available on the Nexus365 pages:


Skype for Business

Skype for Business will be available via the Oxford Applications Installer after you have been migrated to Nexus365. Any existing personal accounts will continue to function as normal through the existing Skype application available to staff. This includes accounts registered with Oxford email addresses before you were using Nexus365.

For more information on the use of Skype for Business:

For help with the Oxford Application Installer:


Microsoft Office

The Nexus365 project is not updating or changing existing versions of Microsoft Office. For the Managed Desktop Service the supported version remains Microsoft Office 2013 to ensure both usability and compatibility with existing University services. Further guidance regarding Office is available on the CONNECT Applications page:


Getting Help

Nexus365 is supported via the Service Desk. Help and guidance is provided on the Nexus365 pages.



Written by IT Services. Latest revision 27 July 2018