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Frequently Asked Questions

If no activity is detected, or for any reason you get disconnected from your session, you will be able to reconnect and restore your existing session for up to 6 hours. After this the session will terminated and any unsaved work will be lost.


I really like the look of this service. Our department does not use CONNECT, can we still have access?

This service is only available to departments using the CONNECT Managed Desktop Service. For more information about the CONNECT service, please go to

Is there a charge for the service?

The service will incur an annual charge of £55 per user (reviewed annually). Charges will be levied on all users at the beginning of each financial year.

Why do I need to use VPN?

To ensure security of the service access is restricted to networks internal to the University including the VPN.

When will Office 2013 be available?

In line with the Office 2013 upgrade for managed workstations the Remote Desktop Service will be upgraded to Office 2013 on Wednesday 10th August. From this date onwards all sessions on the Remote Desktop Service will have Office 2013 in place of 2010. This change will happen automatically and you will not need to do anything for the upgrade to take effect for you.

Is it secure?

The session to the server uses the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which is encrypted. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of any personal devices that are used to access CONNECT Remote Desktop are fully updated and have appropriate security measures in place (i.e. antivirus)

Is my worked backed up?

Yes, if it is stored on a CONNECT Network Drive (i.e. H:\, G:\, O:\ etc)

Why do I get a second authentication prompt when using Chrome, Edge or Firefox on Windows?

Browsers other than Internex Explorer s run ActiveX controls as plugins rather being fully integrated into the browser. This plugin needs also to authenticate to the service but may subsequently cache your credentials for any future sessions. See the setting up and connecting page for more help.

Where’s the Adobe Acrobat Reader icon?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed, and will run automatically when a PDF file is opened.

Why is the Start menu different from on my CONNECT PC?

The CONNECT Remote Desktop Service uses Windows 2012R2. This is similar to Windows 8.1 which utilizes a Start Screen rather than the more traditional Start Menu than Windows 7 which is installed on CONNECT desktops.

Why can’t I run programs from my H Drive?

CONNECT Remote Desktop will only run pre-approved applications. This is to ensure the stability and security of the service.

Why do some of my application shortcuts on the Desktop not work?

They link to applications installed on your CONNECT Desktop, but they are not installed on the Remote Desktop Server. If you remove these shortcuts, they will also be removed from your CONNECT PC.

One of my staff who had access to this service has now left. Do I need to repurchase access for the replacement staff Member?

No, the licence is transferable. Please contact IT Services with the request, including the username of the person who has left/no longer needs access

How reliable is the CONNECT Remote Desktop Service?

The service has been setup to be as highly-available as is possible. The servers are located on the same supported, dual site virtual infrastructure as the CONNECT infrastructure is. It is hoped that the design will prove to offer a very reliable method of remote working for CONNECT Users.

I was using the service in the early hours, and I was asked to log off. Why?

Routine maintenance is carried out on the servers at 4am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The service will continue to be available throughout these periods however you may get prompted to disconnect from your session to enable that server to be taken offline. You will be able to immediately log back in and continue working on another host if this happens. A 10 minute warning is displayed should the server you are connected to need to be restarted.

On occasion, I see a message when logging on that the server needs to be rebooted? What do I do?

Nothing. The Server operating system provides this message to Administrators on occasion. We have not been able to remove this at this point in time.

Why can’t I change settings such as colour schemes and desktop backgrounds?

Unlike desktops, the service uses a shared Server based infrastructure. We need to ensure we can obtain maximum performance from the system. Having a Standard Theme for everyone lets us do this.

Why was I disconnected from the CONNECT Remote Desktop Service?

If no activity has been detected on your session for 1 hour you will automatically be disconnected. You will lose any unsaved work when you are disconnected.

Why are emails sent from other mailboxes appearing in my sent items?

By default Microsoft Outlook always stores sent items in the primary mailbox. Additional configuration is in place on desktops to move any mail sent from secondary/delegated access mailboxes into the sent items of the relevant mailbox. This is not available within the Remote Desktop Service meaning any mail sent from delegated mailboxes will remain in your personal sent items after it has been sent. These messages can be manually moved to the correct folder if required.


If no activity is detected, or for any reason you get disconnected from your session, you will be able to reconnect and restore your existing session for up to 6 hours. After this the session will terminated and any unsaved work will be lost.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 7 February 2018