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Limits and Constraints


If you are using a managed CONNECT desktop, all of your files and settings are stored on external servers, and your PC simply accesses them each time you login. This means you can use any other CONNECT desktop to access your work and email as if you were using your own PC.
However, because everything is stored on IT services servers we have to set quotas, or file limits for each user. This means the amount of data that can be stored in certain places is limited, as we ourselves are limited by the number of servers we can have to store your data!
There are two different quotas that you need to be aware of. Generally, if you follow the recommendations below you should find it easy to stick within the quotas we recommend. If you go over the limits given you may receive a call from the Service Desk, helping you to get back within the quota limit.

User Profile

The profile contains files that control the settings and preferences for each user. Each time you logon, the contents of the user profile is downloaded to the local PC and its content is used to configure any applications you run with the settings you have used previously. This includes email, bookmarks, etc. Certain other settings such as printer/network, and Bluetooth data is sometimes also stored here.
Generally, documents will not be saved in the profile as it is not mapped to a drive letter, although it can happen by accident. The profile quota is separate from the H:\ drive quota, and is set to 750MB. This quota is generous, and we don't anticipate that you will go over this limit.

Home Drive (H:)                              

This contains network mappings to the commonly used folders ‘My Documents’ and ‘Desktop’. These locations on your PC are linked to network filespace containing any files you save here. ‘Favorites’, ‘Music’, ‘Pictures’ and ‘Videos’ are also stored here and can be accessed via the H: drive as well as any shortcuts on the start menu.
The quota for your H: drive is 1GB. If your file storage exceeds this quota you will receive an automated email asking you to move or delete files. If you do not take action you will be unable to save or update files on your H: drive until you clear space. If you are unsure how to proceed, simply reply to the initial warning message and one of our staff will be able to assist.
Requests to increase home drive quotas will be examined on a case by case basis and should be submitted through the Service Desk.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 April 2020