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Remote Access

There are three methods of gaining remote access to CONNECT services:

1. CONNECT Remote Desktop Service
This is available to departments using the staff Managed Desktop Service (CONNECT). More details can be found on the CONNECT Remote Desktop Service pages.
2. Remote Desktop Session
This service can be enabled in specifc circumstances where there are non-standard requirements. Submit a Request For Change form with the support of your line manager to request access.
3. Mapping Network Drives
CONNECT file servers and network drives are available directly on devices within the University network including on un-managed machines. This includes your Home drive (H:\) and Departmental drives such as G:\, O:\ and P:\. Please contact the Service Desk for help with this.

Remote Access Guidelines 

Users connected to the IT Services VPN Service must treat their connection as though they were in their office. Users must never leave their device unattended whilst connected to the Remote Access Service. Users must be particularly aware when using a personal device (e.g. home PC) and consider particular applications running whilst connected to the Remote Access Service, e.g. Peer to Peer (P2P) software. Any P2P applications left running will therefore be running over the University network and subject to University IT regulations [2]. Further information is available on the VPN help pages.

Users must consider the risk in accessing documents from home or when away from the office. Further guidance can be found on the Information Security website.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure antivirus and personal firewall software is installed and up-to- date, as well as ensuring security patches are applied to personal devices, before accessing University services remotely. Failure to do so may result in access being removed.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 April 2020