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Usernames and Passwords

When you first log on to CONNECT you will be asked to register for the secure password change service by setting up security questions

How will I log in?

Your login screen will be displayed under the same circumstances as it is now. It may look a little different but will behave in the same way. It will ask you to enter your CONNECT user name and password and press ‘return’ to log on.  Your CONNECT user name is the same as your Oxford user name.

How do I get an Oxford user name for CONNECT?

Your Oxford user name already exists. If you use Nexus, or OxCORT or any of the Webauth services then you are already using it to login to those services. If you do not yet use those services then please conatct the Service Desk.

How do I get a password for CONNECT?

Your CONNECT password will be generated after the creation of your account. It will be a ‘use once’ password as the system will ‘force’ you to change it when you first log on.

Is it the same as my Nexus password?

No, the CONNECT password is independent of your Nexus password.

How often will I be asked to change my CONNECT password?

Most people will be asked to change their CONNECT password once a year. If you are currently asked to change your existing network login password more frequently than that then that frequency may still apply under CONNECT.

What rules must I follow when choosing a new CONNECT password?

Unless your Department opts for stronger rules, you will follow the defaults which include
  • a minimum length of 8 characters
  • a mix of uppercase and lower case English letters, digits 0-9, non-alphabetic characters
  • CONNECT will remember the last 24 passwords you have used and won't allow their re-use

What if I forget my CONNECT password?

CONNECT comes with a new service, CONNECT Password Manager, which allows you to securely reset a forgotten CONNECT password online. You will be able to register for the service when you first login to CONNECT, by setting up security questions. If you forget your password then you will click the password change icon on the front screen, the system will ask you for your security answers, and if sucessful, allow you to reset your password. This saves you having to contact the Service Desk. For further information read the section below. 

CONNECT Password Manager

CONNECT Password Manager is a self service password reset system, which is available to all CONNECT users. To use this system you will first need to register. Details of how to register and further info can be found in the follwing document, CONNECT Password Manager guide

What if I still can't log in?

If you know your Single Sign On username and password you can log a call with the Service Desk using this link , or you can call 01865 6 12345 or email


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 17 January 2019