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Where are my Files

Where to store files

Files are stored either on your Home drive (H:) or on a departmental shared drive (normally G:\ or O:\ depending on your department)

When deciding where to store data you should consider:

  1. Does anyone else need access to this data
  2. Does the data already exist in another place – eg: it has been copied from your shared drive.

Using your Home Drive

Use your Home Drive to store data files that are only used by you. This data should be only be for work purposes and not personal data.

Your H Drive (by default) has the following folders.

drive folders

You shouldnt use your H: drive for

  • Backing up the contents of your C drive
  • Storing a copy of data that exists on group storage
  • Personal photo albums
  • Personal music library
  • Personal video library
  • Business critical data that your colleagues may need access to
Home Drives have a standard quota allocation of 1Gb. Read more about quotas.

Using your Shared Drive

Shared Drives are usually assigned to departments or groups and accessed via O:. Access to areas on shared drives is strictly controlled so not everyone has access to all data. Sometimes data is shared with other departments or individuals and this is accessed via I:.
Groups and departments make decisions about who has access to their data and what form of access is needed eg. read only.
The file structure and access permissions are strictly decided by individual departments or groups and these may vary. Please read the FAQ's for more information on Shared Drive

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 April 2020