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Managed laptops – Whole Disk Encryption (WDE)

All managed staff laptops will be encrypted per the UAS Information Security Policy and Bodleian Information Security Policy (Sections 8, Laptops – University purchased). Encrypted devices can be used as normal, and encryption has very little impact on performance.

Using devices with whole disk encryption

Please note that:

  • Encryption is only effective when your laptop is properly shut down (i.e. not just in sleep) so please shut it down or hibernate it when you are moving about and not using it.
  • Some countries have restrictions in place over the use of disk encryption. If traveling abroad you must find out well in advance if this applies to you.
  • Tamper-protection will require you to enter a Recovery Key if you make significant changes to the system hardware or attempt to connect your harddisk into another computer. You will need to contact the Service Desk to obtain a Recovery Key for your PC.


In exceptional circumstances, such as travel to a country that does not permit encryption technology, alternative privacy and security provisions may be made. Departments must carry out a risk assessment and take appropriate measures such as restricting what information is stored on the device and ensuring that it is re-imaged on return.

If you require a laptop to be exempt from encryption then please complete an Encryption Exemption Request Form.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 2 April 2020