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Search For a Course

Search for a course in many ways

A full list of our courses can be filtered and sorted. Clicking on the details link for a course will then take you to the course description in our online course booking system (CoSy). From there you can discover the available dates for the course and then book.

You can also search for a course directly within CoSy. First click on the Search panel in the CoSy dashboard and then use one of the following:

  • By Subject or Title. Use the "Course Title/Keyword" box and enter a subject e.g. "Excel"
  • By Provider. For those courses delivered by the IT Learning Centre or Bodleian Libraries iSkills programme, select the third option in the "Course Provider" drop down list.
  • By Category. Courses are organised by roles. Use the drop down list to select those courses most appropriate to you.
  • By Type of Course. For classroom-based courses select "Class" from the drop down list. For a selection of courses select "E¬†Learning". Access to the full list of Lynda courses is available through our page.
  • By all Course Names. Click on the Show All button.
  • By Date Range. Enter dates in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

If you want to see our full catalogue of courses, including those which are not currently scheduled, tick the "Show courses with no dates" box

Tip:  Use the "Search" box not the "Show All" button when doing your search

How to search for a course:

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 16 July 2018