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IT Learning Centre Discount Code

Discount Code:

The above code enables you to obtain an 'earlybird' 20% discount for many of the design and media related courses offered by the IT Learning Centre. A list of courses included in this promotion is below.

Who can use it?

The code can be used by any University member. It is not available to anyone outside the University.

When can it be used?

The above code is valid for a limited time, 12th April 2017 until midnight on 5th May 2017, to book courses scheduled up to the end of July. 

To what does it apply?

The above code can be used against scheduled courses bookable via the CoSy booking system.  The discount is not applicable to closed, tailored or bespoke courses. It cannot be used against any costs associated with one-to-one teaching activities or consultancies.

The use of the above code is subject to availability of the course in which you are interested.

How do I use the code?

During the booking process there will be an opportunity to enter the code.

The code can be used in a maximum of five transactions per individual.  A transaction may include more than one course.

Standard terms and conditions apply to any bookings using the code.

Courses included in this promotion

  • 3d modelling: Environments
  • 3d modelling: Objects
  • Audio: Podcasting
  • Audio: Recording the spoken word
  • Audio: The Oxford podcast service
  • Blender: Up and running
  • Create an online presence with HTML
  • Create an online presence with WordPress
  • Desktop publishing: Effective workflows
  • Enhance your online presence using CSS
  • Explain anything using video
  • Illustrations: Effective workflows
  • Images: Effective workflows
  • Online presence: Taking control
  • Posters: Improving your research posters
  • Presentations: Improving your presentations
  • Prezi in Oxford - Enhancing your Prezi presentation
  • Prezi in Oxford - The essentials
  • Usability testing: Do it yourself
  • Video: Editing and post-production
  • Video: Planning, producing and shooting
  • Video: Producing a mini documentary
  • Video: Using your mobile phone

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 29 November 2017