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Questions? Read our FAQ

How do I access

You can access from our lynda page. You cannot access by going directly to the home page.

I need help on how to use

Please look through the topics below to see if one of them addresses your needs. If not, has its own FAQ page..

As you might expect, there is also a video covering how to use

I have followed a link to a page and it is asking me to login. What do I do?

Normally you will access by going through the University’s Single Sign On authentication page. If you are prompted for a ‘school or organisation’, enter and you should then proceed to our SSO page.

Do not supply your SSO credentials on any other page than the University’s standard SSO page.

I'm still having problems, who can I contact for help?

During normal IT Learning Programme office hours (Mon-Fri, 08:30-16:30) you can contact us on x83681. You can email us on

You can contact technical support through a web form.

Who can use

All full members of the University of Oxford can use Access is controlled through the University’s Single Sign On process. Some members of some affiliated organisations may not be able to use the system. Contact ITLP for more details.

You are not allowed to share your access to with others.

Can I incorporate videos into my own teaching/training resources?

You can provide links to videos in your own resources, but you are not allowed to capture and embed videos, nor incorporate any other elements (such as transcripts).

The ITLP can advise you on the use of in your own teaching and training, and the creation of playlists to cover particular learning needs.

Can I provide feedback about my use of

We are very keen to get feedback from you. You can do this through our contact page.

Do I need to pay for access to

No, access to is free for full University members. To continue using once you leave the University, you will need to take out your own personal subscription directly from

The software I'm looking for isn't included in Can I ask for it to be included? release new courses on a weekly basis. If you would like to suggest a topic or application to be covered please let us know. We will discuss your suggestions with, but can’t guarantee that the new topic/application will be included.

Can I add my own videos and content to

No. There is no currently no mechanism for adding your own resources to the ITLP is able to advise you on other ways you might share your resources.

Can I access away from the University?

Yes. You can use from any internet connected computer with an up to date browser. You can also use on many mobile devices using the app.

Can I use on mobile devices?

You can download the app for free from the Apple, Google Play and Amazon stores. More details about obtaining and using the mobile app are available on our mobile page.

Can I log in to from any computer with my username and password?

You can use from any internet connected computer with an up to date browser. Visit our lynda page at, click on the button and give your SSO credentials.

Remember to logout (or close the browser) when you have finished. You can only be logged into one session at a time.

Can I get a record of completion of the courses I follow in

Yes. provide a method for printing, emailing and embedding in a blog or web page a certificate of completion for a course. These certificates are not endorsed by the University, and are for your personal continuous professional development records only.

If I take one of the lynda course assessments, where do the results go?

The assessment feature of is new and still in development. At the moment, your score is presented to you at the end of the assessment, with a message that says the results have been sent to your administrator. However, your assessment results are only available to the University's administrators - they are not passed on to anyone else. There are plans for your scores to be displayed to you within your own account, but at the moment please contact us and we will send you any scores associated with your account.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 November 2017