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A Quick Guide to Using on Your Mobile

Using offline on your computer or laptop

If you are travelling, or working away from an internet connection, you may find it useful to download courses to your computer or laptop so that you can watch them offline.

Full details about how to do this can be found at

Using on your mobile device

If you have an internet enabled mobile device, you can watch using its standard web browser. However, you will get a better experience if you use the app that is available for most versions of iOS (Apple) or Android. These apps also make it easy to download a video course to your device for off-line viewing.

The apps can be downloaded from the appropriate app store for free.

To use the app, in addition to your Oxford Single Sign On (SSO) credentials, you may also need to supply the University’s identifier: as the University's organisation identifier.

Full details of the apps for the most common mobile platforms are available on

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 3 October 2016