Our policy on your use of lynda.com

Service description

University of Oxford, IT Services provides access to lynda.com - an online training library of instructional videos and courses - to all current members of the University. As a user of Oxford University IT Services, you must comply with all the University’s rules and policies and, in addition, these Terms of Use for lynda.com.

The University’s access to the lynda.com library is managed by the IT Learning Centre to whom all queries regarding these terms of use should be addressed at courses@it.ox.ac.uk


All full and current members of the University of Oxford are eligible for lynda.com access. This access is authenticated through the use of the University’s Single Sign On (SSO) credentials. Alumni, members of Oxford University Press (OUP), and anyone with card status of “cardholder”, “virtual” or “leaver” are not eligible for access. Contact the IT Learning Centre for further information.

Prior to leaving the University and losing access to Lynda.com, users may request that their profile be migrated to a non-Oxford lynda.com account.


Information passed to lynda.com by the University of Oxford does not identify you to lynda.com as an individual. You will have the opportunity to complete a personal profile in the lynda.com platform, and you should consider carefully what information you choose to share. The University of Oxford is not responsible for the safe-guarding of any information that you voluntarily supply to lynda.com.

The IT Learning Centre is able to identify your activity in lynda.com, however, any statistics of usage that are created and shared with the rest of the University are anonymised.

The IT Learning Centre does not routinely release your training history to your department or line manager. Exceptions are made and you should refer to our privacy policy.

Responsibility for content/content ownership

In addition to personal information, there will be opportunity to provide publically viewable comments on particular content in Lynda.com. You are solely responsible for those comments. Comments that lynda.com feels are inappropriate will be referred to the IT Learning Centre who are able to identify you as the source.

Use of Lynda.com content

Lynda.com can only be used in the context of the University of Oxford in support of your professional and academic development; no part of lynda.com can be used for any other purpose, and it cannot be distributed beyond the University or incorporated into other resources except in approved ways such as via the University’s WebLearn virtual learning environment. You can provide links to lynda.com courses and playlists. The ITLC can provide guidance on the use of lynda.com in taught programmes.

You are not allowed to provide access to lynda.com to non-University members using your personal SSO credentials; this would be a violation of the University’s terms and conditions for the use of the SSO procedures (see the Regulations Relating to the use of Information Technology Facilities).

Content disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in the lynda.com platform are based on current best practice as perceived by the experts engaged by lynda.com to develop the learning resources. The University does not necessarily endorse any of those views and opinions. If you are concerned about any of the information you encounter when using lynda.com you should contact the IT Learning Centre in the first instance.

Service availability

Availability of lynda.com may be interrupted for maintenance and other updates and is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis only. lynda.com maintenance is scheduled by lynda.com and is announced on the lynda.com login page.


If you need support in using lynda.com, you should firstly visit our Lynda pages. If you still require guidance please contact the IT Learning Centre

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 4 October 2016