Nexus365: Account delegation

It is recommended to provide access to other Nexus365 accounts through delegation.  Delegation is set on the server, allowing combinations of permission to view the mailbox contents, schedule and update meetings, or send from the mailbox.

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An account delegate may have one or more of the following permissions:

Full Access Provides the delegate with full access to the account's mailbox and calendar, but not permission to send mail.
Send As Allows the delegate to send mail in the name of the account.
Send on Behalf of Allows the delegate to send mail in their name on behalf of the name of the account.
Automap Automatically displays the mailbox in Outlook alongside the delegate’s other accounts.

Microsoft provide details of how to Share mailboxes

Using the desktop version of Outlook.

If the From field is not displayed when composing an email:

  1. Start composing an email
  2. Select the Options menu
  3. Select the Show From button

When the From field is displayed, clicking on the From button will display the available sending email addresses.  If the sending address is not displayed:

  1. Click on the From button
  2. Select Other E-mail Address...
  3. Select From...
  4. Change the Address Book to Global Address List.
  5. Locate the email address using the Search field


Using the web version of Outlook:

    1. Open the shared mailbox
    2. Send the message from the account

    When using the Outlook mobile application:

    After the shared mailbox has been added either:

    • Switch to the account to send the message
    • When composing a message, click on the default email address and select another


    Mail sent in the various versions of Outlook will generally be saved in the Sent items folder of the sending account.  An exception mapped or automapped accounts in the desktop versions of Outlook as mail is saved in the account the mailbox is mapped to (usually a personal mailbox).

    The following can force desktop versions of Outlook to ensure the mail is available in the Sent items folder of the shared account:

    • The registry of single Windows computers can be edited:
      1. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook\Preferences in the Windows registry
      2. Add/change the DWORD DelegateSentItemsStyle with Value Data: 1
    • A server setting can also be requested, affecting everyone using the account.

      A request can be made to the service desk by the account owner or ITSS specifying:

      • The name and email address of the mailbox
      • Request MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled be set to true
      • Confirm that all account delegates are aware of the change as mail will now be saved to the account

    The server side setting does not move the message, but adds a copy to the shared account.

    If both settings are applied then two instances of the message will appear in the account's sent items folder.

    Situation Solution
    You want colleagues to see all your folders, calendars, contacts, to-do lists Give them access to read and manage your mailbox (includes all emails, calendar, task and address book entries) . You can request this through the self-service form for Email Account Delegation.
    You want colleagues to only see your calendar You can manage this through Outlook.
    You want your colleagues to be able to appear as you or the account when sending emails Give them Send As privileges for the account. You can request this through the self-service form for Email Account Delegation.
    You need to know exactly who can see into your account You should only give access to named individuals, not to a group mailbox, because the membership can change unless only you can actively manage the membership.
    You want to delegate permanently to someone (such as a personal assistant) who manages your account Give them Full access privileges for the account and Send As if they will also be sending as the account, . You can request this through the self-service form for Email Account Delegation.
    You want to other people to manage a mailbox but without them appearing as you or the generic mailbox. Give them Full Access and Send on Behalf privileges for the account. You can request this through the self-service form for Email Account Delegation.

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