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Apple Hardware Service

Regrettably our Apple Repair Engineer is signed off ill and the Apple Hardware Service is temporarily suspended. We do not expect the service to reopen before January. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We are an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) exclusively for university members, departments and colleges only. The in warranty service is carried out on behalf of Apple Sales International and they have the final say on whether a machine qualifies for a warranty repair or not. The paid for out of warranty service is also operated within Apple Sales International's strict guidlines and only genuine parts sourced directly from Apple are used (except storage and memory options where available).  We are currently not able to provide service for iPhones or iWatches and only offer a swap out service for iPads.


Price Guidelines - including all parts and labour but excluding VAT
Service Size Mac Laptop Mac Desktop
Memory Upgrade (Not all Macs can be upgraded)   Prices start at £60.00 but are variable. We will provide a quote for your specific machine.
Hard Disk Replacement (Not all Macs can be upgraded)

(For other capacities or specific specifications, please ask)

320 GB (SATA)     £88  
500 GB (SATA)     £96  
750 GB (SATA)   £106  
1 TB (SATA)   £115 (SATA)  £110
2 TB (SATA)   £141 (SATA)  £165
4 TB   (SATA)  £268
275 GB (SSD)    £125 (SSD)    £125
525 GB (SSD)    £175 (SSD)    £175
750 GB (SSD)    £240 (SSD)    £240
1 TB (SSD)    £320 (SSD)    £320
Original operating system installs in conjunction with above £70
Basic data recovery in conjunction with above £70
Basic data recovery and Operating system install combined £120
Specialist data recovery (sent off site) £100 non refundable investigation fee. Total cost if quote accepted £800-£1200
Install working Hard Disk in an external USB Enclosure £80
Repairs on Laptops - prices vary according to model. The ranges below indicate typical repair costs including parts and labour but excluding VAT
Battery £120 - £180 (Considerably more if you units battery is integral to the top cover)
Fan £100 - £140
Cure Overheating £ 60 - £135
Keyboard £120 - £320 (Considerably more if you units battery is integral to the top cover)
Magsafe Power Socket Replacement £85 - £100
AC Adapter (Power Supply Unit) £70 - £150
LCD Screen £200 - £600
Main board £200 - £800
Trackpad £60 - £150
Last price guide update: April 11th, 2017

Please ask about any other work not listed above. Our usual labour charge is based on £60+VAT per hour with a minimum charge of £72 Inc VAT.

Typical repair times are 3 to 7 working days depending on the difficulty of diagnosis and the availability from Apple of any required parts. All repairs are warrantied by Apple for 90 days.

Please also note the following important points:

  1. We do not operate "diagnosis as you wait appointments".
  2. We are unable to guarantee faster repair times under any circumstances (We always do our very best to have the work completed as quickly as possible but not at the expenses of quality)
  3. Please make sure that where possible, you back up any important data before dropping the machine in for any type of work. Inform us if you need back up work carried out. This is chargeable.
  4. Please do not bring your machine for repair if you are leaving the country any time soon and are expecting to take it with you. We cannot guarantee your machine will be available for collection at any given time. Machines will not be forwarded via the postal system.

To take up the Apple Service please follows these steps: (If your Apple Macintosh original warranty is still valid, please see notes below)

  1. Fill in the Enquiry Form
  2. We will reply via email, generally within two working days.
  3. Before you drop off your non warranty equipment, payment of an investigation fee of £72 including VAT is required via the IT Services On-line Shop. This will be deducted from the total cost of any work carried out but remains with us to cover administrative, preparatory and diagnostic work if you decide not to proceed after a quote is made.
  4. Drop off of machines is via our hardware lockers at 13 Banbury Road - we will assign you a locker number and you can deposit your machine any time between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm weekdays.
  5. If it becomes apparent that the work will cost more than the preliminary quote, we will inform you and await approval.


  1.  Your Apple warranty does not cover accidental damage. In cases of accidental damage, you will be required to pay the investigation fee before work begins.
  2.  Your Apple warranty does not cover software inc. the operating system. For cases where a specific hardware fault can not be esablished, the hard drive would need to be wiped and the original software installed before we can approach Apple for further instructions.
  3.  All replacement parts supplied by Apple are conditional on the failed part being returned to them for verification (This includes storage drives and is non negotiable).

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 9 November 2018