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Leaving the HFS Backup Service

If you are leaving Oxford University or simply no longer require the backup services that you have registered for, please read this section on how to deregister your active nodes and remove the TSM client software. This will help us to maintain a tidy and efficient system and store only data that is beneficial to those currently associated with Oxford University.

  1. Deregistration - to remove your machine(s) from the HFS backup service.
  2. Removing the TSM software - please do this immediately after you deregister your machine from backup.
  3. Changing node/account ownership - if you wish to hand over your account(s) to someone else.

Once you have deregistered and uninstalled TSM, you will have completed all the steps required to stop using the Oxford University backup service. Any further questions that you may have can be answered by reviewing the HFS help and support pages or by contacting

By using the HFS backup service you are agreeing to our acceptable use guidelines.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 June 2018