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ITSS facilities in the HFS Portal

ITSS will see an additional ITSS section of the portal in addition to the standard Personal section that everyone sees. Their default homepage will be the ITSS homepage rather than the Personal homepage. Switching between the sections is done by selecting the appropriate link in the title bar.

The title bar for ITSS

Note that IT Services Support Desk staff have an additional section that is similar to the ITSS section but which allows them to see information on all users and nodes rather than just those associated with the units for which they are ITSS, as is the case in the ITSS section.

The ITSS home page looks like this:

The Portal home page for ITSS

The main page contents shows a list of all units for which you are ITSS and the number of nodes that unit curently has registered. Clicking on the unit name will take you to the unit details page for that unit. From the actions menu you can choose

List nodes - lists all the Spectrum Protect/TSM nodes for a unit. If you are ITSS for more than one unit you must select the unit from a dropdown box.

Search for node - you can search for a node across all your units. Click on the search box and enter part of a nodename or contact email address. If you pause typeing briefly you will be presented with a list of matching nodes. Select the one you want to be taken to the node details page for that node. Just as in the Personal section of the portal, you can opt to include deledted nodes in your search using the Options menu.

Search for a person - you can search for a person across all your units by entering part of their name or email address. Note that by default this only includes people known to the HFS, that is people who use the service or have used the service  in the last few years, or who are ITSS. You will be taken to the person details page which will show their details and list the Spectrum Protect/TSM nodes they own. When searching for a person you can optionally choose to search Oak LDAP for the person. This will return a limited amount of information on a person in one of your units who is not known to the HFS Portal.

Show unit details - shows brief details of your unit including TSM branches (these are elements you are allowed to chose as part of the nodename when registering a node), current and deleted nodes, and users of the HFS service. If you are ITSS for more than one unit you must select the unit from a dropdown box.

Register new node - as in the Personal section, this allows you to register a new node. However in this section you can register a node for yourself or on behalf of another user.

Reports - this allows you to generate a number of reports for your unit(s). Reports can be generated as PDF files of as Excel workbooks if you wish to manipulate the data in the reports.




Written by IT Services. Latest revision 19 November 2019