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e-Science Grid Registration

This document describes registration for the UK e-Science Grid through the University of Oxford.

1. Registration for the e-Science Grid

IT Services Registration is the RA (Registration Authority) for certificates issued by the UK Grid Support Centre for Oxford University users and other users supported by Oxford University as a Regional Centre.

2. Applying for an e-Science Grid certificate

The following steps are involved:

2.1. Initial application

Contact the CA (Certificate Authority) to submit a Certificate Request. The CA will record your request and notify you and your RA. If you make a mistake, re-submit the request correctly, then when you see the RA ask to have the first request deleted and the correct one approved.

2.2. Certificate approval procedure

Applicants need to visit an RA Operator in person at IT Services. Personal identification is a requirement of the CA. Photo-ID must be brought with you. For Oxford University subscribers, the required Photo-ID is a current University Card, which will be checked against electronic records to verify its validity.

IT Services will retain a paper record of the Photo-ID, together with the Request Serial Number, and CN (Common Name) for the request.

It will be helpful if applicants bring with them a photocopy of their Photo-ID on a sheet of A4, with the other information included. If necessary, a copy of your card will be taken at IT Services but this will take longer.

The RA Operators are available by appointment only. Please email or phone (2) 12345 to arrange an appointment.

2.3. Certificate signing

The RA Operator will approve your certificate request as soon as possible after your visit (for security, approval can only be done on dedicated machines in the staff-only area of IT Services).

The CA will then sign the certificate, normally within 24 hours. When this is done, you will receive email notification and instructions on obtaining the signed copy of the certificate.

2.4. Renewing and Taking Care of your Certificate

Please read and follow the advice provided by the CA on renewing your Certificate and taking care of your Certificate.

3. Oxford e-Research Centre

See for general information about e-Science at Oxford, including how to  register your certificate for use with specific projects.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 9 January 2017