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Web Publishing Services

Title of Service: Web Publishing Services

Status of Document: This document describes services offered in July 2011.

1. Introduction

The IT Services Web Publishing Service provides all registered users with an allocation of space which can be used to house a personal web site. Each space has an address or ‘URL’ (Uniform Resource Locator) associated with it so that the pages stored on the server can be accessed over the Internet. IT Services provides training and documentation to help with setting up web pages.

This service includes a means for user to upload content to their web space.

Safe-perl and a number of standard CGI scripts are available to all users.

The service is owned by the Systems Development and Support Section Manager and has existed in some form since 1996.

1.1. User Support

Information for users is given at This includes information on setting up websites, transferring material to the central servers, and links to training resources.

Users wishing to use this service must first activate their personal web space by visiting the IT Services self-registration page at

Notification of faults, outages, etc is circulated on the mailing list

Faults should be reported to

IT Services Helpcentre will advise and support users with configuration and access problems, and to a limited extent with problems in writing web pages.

To arrange web hosting for a domain, the Systems Development and Support Section may be contacted directly

Education and Training

Documentation on using the service is available at Advice on standards is given at Information about training available through IT Services is at

2. Summary of IT Services’ responsibilities

Hours of Service

2.1 The service is offered as follows:

  • 9am - 5pm on weekdays: the service operates with full technical support.
  • All other times: the service operates without technical support. Automated service monitoring will take place, and informal arrangements exist for staff to be notified of exceptions, however no funding is provided for contractual cover or guaranteed response.
  • Exclusions: service maintenance carried out during the JANET maintenance period (7am - 9am every Tuesday).

2.2 IT Services will commence investigation of reported faults within one hour when full technical support is available (provided that no similar fault is already being handled by the same team).

Service Level Targets

2.3 It is intended, as far as is possible, to maintain service availability at all times apart from exclusions listed under 2.1, however there are no formal targets.

Resilience and Backup

2.4 The user data for this service is backed-up on a daily basis.

2.5 This equipment is in the IT Services data centre, and shares a UPS with other essential services.

Disaster Recovery

2.6 This service is classified as critical for University business, but primarily important only to a small number of units or to individuals. Target recovery time is within 72 hours.

2.7 A variety of public web hosting services would meet basic user requirements in the event of extended disruption. Users would need access to a separate copy of their site contents in order to make use of this.

Hardware and Software Maintenance

2.8 Spare hardware is maintained onsite to enable restoration of service in the event of hardware failure.

2.9 Software updates are applied by IT Services staff – this is done with the minimum of interruption to service. Any scheduled down-time for maintenance or upgrade will be notified at least 24 hours in advance.

System Development

2.10 There is no scheduled development time.

3. Summary of client’s responsibilities

3.1 Users are expected use the service for its intended purpose, as recommended in published documentation, and in accordance with any supplementary advice provided by IT Services;

3.2 Users must be aware that web pages are visible world-wide, and should consider carefully the impression that readers will form, both of them and of the University. They should also bear in mind the legal constraints that may apply to material they publish by this means.

3.3 Use of these facilities is covered by the University’s ‘Regulations Relating to the Use of Information Technology Facilities’ at

3.4 Users should also take note of the guidance issued by the Web Strategy group at

4. Premium services

Advanced Web Hosting is available through our NSMS service.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 December 2017