Is your data suitable for archiving?

The following table covers some of the important criteria for evaluating the suitability of your data for the HFS archive service.  While some are compulsory, and all are desirable, it is likely that your data may not exhibit every element listed below and this should not prevent you from applying for a project.


Suitable for Archive Not suitable
Your data must be of long-term value to the University. There is a Senior Member of the University who will 'sponsor' the project data and vouch for its provenance and value.  Your data is not of long-term value and/or there is no Senior Member sponsoring it.
The data must be owned largely or wholly by the University. The data is largely or wholly owned by a third party outside the University.
Data should be structured and organised in a logical and transparent manner on your local machine. Data is unstructured and/or disorganised, perhaps spread across many unrelated directories or partitions on your local machine.
Data should reside on and be managed from one local machine. Data resides on a number of machines.
Data should be managed by only one or two local login accounts. Data is managed by a large number of local users.
The data should be largely static and unchanging. The data is constantly being worked on and updated.
Once archived, access to the archive should be at most occasional i.e. once a week at most. There will be regular access to archive for data retrieval.
There should be a document that describes the data in sufficient detail, which accompanies the data and is to be archived with it. (The document may be a simple text file.) There is no such document or resource.

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