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Plagiarism Detection / turnitin

turnitin is a plagiarism detection service that can be used either as an external service, or integrated with the submission of assignments in WebLearn. In both cases, student work is compared with the turnitin database which grows by 200,000 papers per day.

turnitin is integrated with the WebLearn Assignments tool. The advantages of using the turnitin option from within WebLearn assignments are:

  • no need to set up an independent account with the external service
  • no need to upload students into a class list, since your students are already members in your WebLearn site
  • no need to email turnitin passwords and logon instructions to students
  • assignments within WebLearn can be integrated with other teaching and learning opportunities to provide a streamlined learning experience for students

To help people get started the WebLearn team have developed a WebLearn site dedicated to help and guidance regarding the use of turnitin at Oxford University.

turnitin At Oxford Blog

Visit the TurnItIn blog


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 4 December 2017