Overview: CONNECT Remote Desktop Service

This service has now replaced the UAS Remote Access Service provided by Citrix and is currently only available to UAS staff. The service will incur an annual charge of £55 (reviewed annually) per user via an annual charging cycle every August.

Departments using the Managed Desktop Service requiring access to this service should complete a Service Request. This form can also be used to remove access.

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Is the CONNECT Remote Desktop Service secure?

The session to the server uses the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which is fully encrypted. University VPN provides an extra layer of security, and will be required if you are using a non-University connection.
If using a personal device, it is your responsibility to ensure the it is fully updated and have appropriate security measures in place (i.e. anti-virus). Please see the Information Security website for more information.

Is my work backed up?

Yes, although as with your desktop PC / laptop you will need to ensure your work is saved in the correct place. Make sure you use a CONNECT network drive. These can be found under 'Network Locations', within 'This PC', and may be one of the following:

  • G

  • H
  • I
  • O
  • P
  • Q

The following folders are also stored within your H drive so are also backed up each day:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Downloads
  • Favorites
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Videos


Why do I get a second authentication prompt when using Chrome, Edge or Firefox on Windows?

Browsers other than Internet Explorer runs ActiveX controls as plugins rather being fully integrated into the browser. This may subsequently cache your credentials for any future sessions. See the setting up and connecting page for more help.

How reliable is the CONNECT Remote Desktop Service?

The service has been setup to be as highly-available as is possible. The servers are located on the same supported, dual site virtual infrastructure as the CONNECT infrastructure is. It is hoped that the design will prove to offer a very reliable method of remote working for CONNECT Users.

I was using the service in the early hours, and I was asked to log off. Why?

Routine maintenance is carried out on the servers at 4am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The service will continue to be available throughout these periods however you may get prompted to disconnect from your session to enable that server to be taken offline. You will be able to immediately log back in and continue working on another host if this happens. A 10 minute warning is displayed should the server you are connected to need to be restarted.
On occasion, I see a message when logging on that the server needs to be rebooted? What do I do?
Nothing. The Server operating system provides this message to Administrators on occasion. We have not been able to remove this at this point in time.

Why was I disconnected from the CONNECT Remote Desktop Service?

If no activity has been detected on your session for 1 hour you will automatically be disconnected. You will be able to reconnect and restore your existing session for up to 6 hours. After this the session will terminated and any unsaved work will be lost.

Why is the Start menu different from on my CONNECT PC?

The CONNECT Remote Desktop Service uses a different operating system to your office PC or laptop. You may notice subtle differences in the appearance of the Start menu and other items, but they will function in much the same way.


What software is available via the CONNECT Remote Desktop Service?

The specific set of applications that are available to you will depend on your job role and the access that has been granted. However, all users will be able to use the Microsoft Office 2016 suite along with a selection of web browsers and other common applications.
Please see Howto: Open applications on the CONNECT Remote Desktop for further details.



Can I ask for an application to be added to the CONNECT Remote Desktop Service?

Yes - although each request will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We cannot guarantee that the application you ask for will be approved.
Please use the Self-service catalogue to submit your request.



Why can’t I run programs from my H Drive?

CONNECT Remote Desktop will only run pre-approved applications. This is to ensure the stability and security of the service.


Why do some of my application shortcuts on the Desktop not work?

They link to applications installed on your CONNECT Desktop, but they are not installed on the Remote Desktop Server. If you remove these shortcuts, they will also be removed from your CONNECT PC.

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