Migrating to the New Code42 Service


Code42 have recently informed the University that, due to internal restructuring, they must change the location of our backups. This will entail the reconfiguration of the Code42 client on each machine backing up to the Code42 cloud, and a fresh backup of the data. IT Services recognises that this is hugely inconvenient and have protested to Code42. Nevertheless, we are faced with the stark prospect of either complying with their request to change location or risk losing access to the Code42 cloud for backup. 

Reconfiguring the Code42 software to backup to a new location is not a simple exercise, so we have developed a step by step process that is managed by the HFS Hub app, to make this as streamlined as possible. This process is detailed in a step-by-step manner after the list of salient points to note below.

Points to note

  • The new backup location is in Ireland (it used to be in the Netherlands)
  • To check if you have moved open the Code42 app. If you haven't you will see a message telling you so.
  • Code42 gave us a deadline of 1st May 2022 after which access to the old location (and therefore your old backups) would cease. That deadline has now passed and currently it is still possible to access the old location. However that may change at any time so if you haven't already you should make the move as soon as possible.
  • The HFS Hub app will manage, with your input, the multiple processes of uninstalling and reinstalling the Code42 app, authenticating (logging in) to the new service and also with creating a partial copy of your existing configuration to the new service.
  • Your primary backup selection (backup set) will be copied over (most people only have one). If you have multiple backup  sets, then only the first is copied over and you will need to recreate any other backup sets manually.
  • If you have changed any other configuration options from default values, you will need to reset them again manually. These might include the backup schedule, frequency of backups, versioning, CPU and bandwidth settings among others.
  • Your backups (the actual data) cannot be moved. A fresh backup will automatically start after the successful completion of this move process (remember you can pause backups via the Code42 app, if you need to).
  • You will need to perform this process on each of your devices backing up to Code42. The process can take around 15 minutes to complete.


Moving to the new service - a step by step guide

Before you start, please minimise all other windows. This will help with window management later in this process where multiple windows can be open, but are hidden underneath other windows.

Start the HFS Hub app. It will very likely prompt you that a newer version of the Hub is available. Please upgrade, if prompted. You should be running version 1.3.0 ( select the Help menu -> About option) at the minimum.

From the HFS Hub choose the Code42 menu item and then the 'Change Service' option (MacOS users will find the Code42 menu at the top of the screen)

c42 new migration screen 01


At the next screen review the processes that are to be completed and click the 'OK' button


c42 new mig 02


At the next screen click the 'Download now' button to download the latest Code42 client software


c42 new mig 03


Once downloaded click the 'Next' option


c42 new mig 04


At the next screen, click the 'Register' button to create an account for you on the new Code42 service. Note: you will be prompted for your SSO login at this point.


c42 new mig 05


Now just confirm the email contact details the HFS has for you by clicking the 'Update' button


c42 new mig 06


At the following screen, click the 'Start reinstallation' button


c42 new mig 07


The next screen will display. Note: that you will be asked to confirm permission for the reinstall process and the window requesting this may be hidden under the existing Hub window (or other windows you may have open). If you cannot immediately see this window, please search for it on your desktop (by minimising or moving other windows, if necessary). If you do not grant permission, the following screen will appear to hang indefinitely.


c42 new mig 08


Once the reinstallation is complete the following screen will appear.


c42 new mig 09


Do not click the 'I've signed in' button yet ! tWait for the next screen appear prompting you for your Username and Server Address as below:


c42 new mig 10


Please ensure you enter your full SSO login name with ox.ac.uk appended in the Username field, and clients.eu5.cpg.crashplan.com in the Server Address field and then click the 'Continue' button. 

You will now be taken to a browser window to enter your SSO login again. Once done, please follow the browser window instructions and close the browser window to return to the Code42 window. 

The Code42 window may display a 'Signing in ...' message for a time, while it sets itself up.

You may then see the following screen, if you have already moved one device over to the new service.


c42 new mig 11


If so, click the 'Add New Device' button.

You will now see the following familiar Code42 screen as below ...


c42 new mig 12


... however, you will note the message in that screen 'No files selected for backup.' This is because the migration process is not yet complete. Please now find and return to the HFS Hub window as below and click the 'I've signed in' button.


c42 new mig 09


The following screen will now appear, prompting you to confirm the copying of your original backup selections to the new service. Click the 'Copy' button. (You may note that the device names differ between the old and new service; the device name can be renamed in the Code42 app at a later date via the Settings option).


c42 new mig 13


Once done, a confirmatory screen displays as below


c42 new mig 14

As noted in this screen, you can login at any time to the old service at https://console.ie.code42.com/ to check your previous options and settings, if you need to. Clicking the 'All Done' option will now allow you to return to the main HFS Hub screen. Choosing the 'Manage Files' button in Code42 should allow you to confirm that your backup selections have been copied over.

Note: Code42 will now immediately start to backup your files afresh. This may not be convenient at this time, as it may take considerable time, depending on the amount of data you have to backup. You can defer this process for 60 minutes each time you choose either the 'Pause Backups' option on the front screen or by choosing the Tools menu and 'Pause Code42' option. If you need to pause Code42 for longer please see the following link how to stop and start the Code42 background service: https://support.code42.com/CP/App/Troubleshooting/Stop_and_start_the_Code42_app_service

Please note that if you have more than one computer, then you will need to do the entire step by step guide as above on all of your machines.


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