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Message Submission Statistics

These graphs show the rates at which certain events are occurring in the message submission service.

1. Overall

A message which is accepted for onward relay.
Measures deliveries to recipients. A single message may have more than one recipient.
A message which is rejected at SMTP time. You can also see a breakdown of rejection types.

2. Sources

These graphs show the rate of messages being submitted from inside and outside the University

3. Protocols

This section shows the different flavours of SMTP protocol used for message submission.


Protocol Extended Secure Authenticated
smtp no no no
smtps no yes no
esmtp yes no no
esmtps yes yes no
esmtpsa yes yes yes

4. Rejections

The various rejection types are plotted here. Many of the potential rejection types rarely occur.

5. Nodes

These graphs show the delivery rates for each node in the message submission cluster.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 11 December 2017