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Configuring Other VPN Clients

As well as the usual Cisco VPN clients there are a number of native (built-in) clients and commercial or non-commercial third-party products that support connections to the IT Services VPN Service. These are particularly useful for mobile devices where a Cisco client may not exist.

Native (built-in) clients do not need any extra software installed. Third-party products usually have trial versions available which you can try out before you decide whether to purchase. They can usually be purchased and downloaded online.

We have provided instructions for some common native clients as well as vpnc for linux systems (see the table below).

We also provide some information to help configure third party commercial clients for which we have reports of successful operation. Again these are linked from the table below; however we can only provide limited support for these clients.

The clients for which we have instructions or reports of successful operation include the following.


Client Instructions/Information Configuration Information Download software
Native (built-in) client for Mac OS X 10.6 and above Configuring the native VPN client on Mac OS X 10.6 and above Included in instructions Not applicable
iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (native/built-in client) iPhone/iPod Touch VPN Client Not applicable
vpnc for Linux (open source) Configuring Linux to use the open source VPNC client Included in instructions Not applicable
NCP VPN Client for mobile devices (commercial) Refer to documentation on the NCP website Refer to IT Services VPN Service technical details NCP website


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 6 April 2020