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Delegating access to email, calendar and other Nexus features

Nexus allows users to delegate management of their calendar, inbox, tasks etc. to other Nexus users. For example, you may want to allow your assistant to schedule your meetings, or a colleague to send emails from an account you normally maintain when you are going on holiday. This is achieved by using Delegation.

Please note, delegation is different from Sharing, which allows others to access a particular folder or feature, but does not allow them to act on your behalf.

To find out what kind of delegation or sharing may be appropriate for you, please see Guidelines for delegation and sharing.

For information about how to set up and use delegated access, please follow the link to the client you use:

Additional Information

How do I access a 'mailbox only account' using a web browser?
Please see the Outlook Web Access documentation (Full or Light versions depending on your browser choice).
What is auto-mapping and when is it useful?
Please see the auto-mapping document.
How can I get assistance in setting up email so that someone else can send on my behalf?
The IT Services Helpdesk can now assist in setting up your email account so that someone can temporarily 'send as you' through delegated access. Please contact the IT Services Helpdesk via the help form.
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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 3 December 2019