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Android device configuration with Nexus Exchange

IMPORTANT: We are currently in the process of moving the University’s centrally managed (Nexus) email and calendaring service to the cloud-based, Microsoft Office 365 service (Nexus365). If your account has been migrated you should now use the Nexus365 support pages where you will find help and advice on using the new service.


(These instructions we generated using a Google Nexus 7 Tablet running stock vanilla Android v4.4.4.)

Your Android device may vary depending on the make and model.  Most phone manufacturers have detailed support and help sections on their websites which should be able to help you if you get stuck.  Please leave a comment, if you find your device requires different settings or a different approach to set the account details).

Firstly open the Mail or E-mail app (not the Gmail app).  An account setup screen will appear similar to the one below.  Fill in your E-mail address and password and press Next.

Account Setup Screen

Next, select Exchange from the following screen.  Your screen might be labelled Exchange ActiveSync, or Microsoft Exchange, or ActiveSync, or it might just say Corporate.

Account Type, Exchange

After a short while a screen similar to the following will appear:

Incoming Server Settings

Change the username to your Single Sign On username (SSO) (e.g. ouit9999) and the Server details to be  Press Next.

Account Options

Accept the defaults and press Next.

Your Account is Set Up

If you wish, change the Account Name  to be a more useful or friendly one (this might come in handy if you intend to have more than one account on the device).

Press Next and your e-mail should start to appear.



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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 19 April 2018