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Blackberry Connection to Nexus

IMPORTANT: We are currently in the process of moving the University’s centrally managed (Nexus) email and calendaring service to the cloud-based, Microsoft Office 365 service (Nexus365). If your account has been migrated you should now use the Nexus365 support pages where you will find help and advice on using the new service.


Blackberry mobile devices can connect to Nexus in two ways depending on the type of contract the device is linked to with the Mobile Service Provider.

1. Standard Connection

Standard connectivity is available via Blackberry Internet Services (BIS). There are two different guides to configuring your Blackberry depending on which model you have:

2. Enterprise Connection

Nexus also offers a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for those requiring greater functionailty (calendar, contact and task syncronization in addition to email services). The BES service has a set of Terms and Conditions and is dependent upon an enterprise or BES-enabled contract with the mobile provider. Please contact us via email to for further details.

Please note that the servers which provide support for Enterprise Connections are scheduled to be retired later in 2017. This will not affect BlackBerry handsets configured with the 'standard connection'. 

Once the BES service has been configured to accept your device, please follow the instructions Configuring a BlackBerry with BES.

3. Blackberry FAQ

A Blackberry frequently asked questions is available to help you with common problems. You may also find the Blackberry How To document useful to help with other issues.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 19 April 2018